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Friday, August 14, 2015 : Translation Services

Today, businesses are breaking global barriers and reaching distant lands to sell their products and services. The world has turned into one huge marketplace, thanks to the advancements in information and communications technology. Today, the Internet has become a means of spreading businesses around the world.

A local business, manufacturing the famed kaftans in the streets of Morocco, for example, can sell them to customers in a mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The business owner neither needs to see the retailer, the wholesaler or even the customer for that matter. All transactions are done remotely and securely.

Yet, when regional boundaries are crossed, the obstacle of language often arises. The target audience needs to become acquainted with the services and products that the business is selling in their own language. This will create a feeling of belonging and proximity. This can lead to better sales and eventually, better profitability.

Today, due to the precise same reason, many translation agencies have come up which provide translation services for all kinds of businesses, be they small, medium or large. These agencies often employ the services of linguists who are experts in more than one language, so that they can bring about precise translation of the source material to the target language.

Today the most sought after translators are those who are fluent in languages like Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic and, of course, English. These translators have been certified by the parent body for these languages and the best translators have spent some time in the country of origin to get a feel of how the language is spoken by the people, with all its accents and nuances.

A translator is able to capture the gist of the information provided in the source material and conveys it efficiently in the target language, while retaining the original flavour and tone of the material, while staying true to the nuances and cultural undertones of the target language. It’s a balancing act and it shows the quality of the translator.

The best translation service providers are the ones who have on their panel such exemplary translators. There is great demand for translation work and agencies which can provide sustained quality can quote a premium for their services.

There are many translation service providers who also provide localization services as well. These services “localize” all the marketing collateral and business communication into the target language keeping in mind cultural and social issues.

Today, in the age of the Internet, translation services have become an essential requirement and there is always demand for quality translation services.