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Friday, September 11, 2015 : Content is King, and you better treat it as one!

That content is king is a clichéd phrase that we often come across on sites which provide Content development services. But the importance of this phrase cannot be overstated. For the business to communicate effectively with customers, it is imperative for the content to be of top notch quality.

Businesses require that all their corporate communication and marketing collateral be written in a most lucid manner. Without resorting to jargon it should pass on the corporate message effectively so that customers and other stakeholders can engage with the business. The true test of the content is when even the most technical content is written so as to be easily understood by the most uninitiated of individuals.

Most big corporations have their own corporate communications department which is responsible for all the content that comes out of the company. Most small and medium-sized enterprises usually outsource their content development jobs to service providers. In the last decade or so, there has been a steady increase in the number of content development service providers in the country. Some of them are standalone whereas most others have a content development division apart from the other supporting services they provide like website development, online marketing, etc.

The best content development services obviously rely on their strong team of content writers. These writers are either in-house or empanelled. As with every new vocation, there is a mushrooming of content writers and yet it’s pretty easy to separate the grain from the chaff. The success of a content development service provider will be directly proportional to the combined talent of its strategic, writing and editing team.

Content development services are slowly seeing great demand due to the obvious importance of content in page rankings and due to the rise of the social media. While earlier business websites simply got their content written once and never looked at it again, the changing dynamics of the market, the algorithms of search engines and social media, content development is now a continuous process, rather than a one-time affair.

Another important aspect to take note of is that of plagiarism. With so much online and offline content out there, it is tempting for a writer to indulge in plagiarism. The good writers will take “inspiration” from a content that they like, some mediocre ones will “spin” the content and the really bad ones will simply “copy-and-paste.” Plagiarized content can play havoc with a businesses’ reputation and search rankings. So it is mandatory for the service provider to check that no part of the content is plagiarized from any source.

With the boom in the scenario where more and more businesses are turning to the Digital Space to sell products and services, the necessity for good quality content will always be there. This augurs well for talented linguists to provide effective service as content development service providers.