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Competent web designing requires a number of skills including graphic design, interface design, domain registration, user experience design, search engine optimization, social media optimization and so on. Website design is often done in tandem with web engineering and falls under the broader scope of web development. But before we delve into the various aspects of web design, here’s a look at the elements that make for a good website:

Some of the important parts of web designing include the following:

Page layout design: it is an important part of the overall user interface design. It is web designer’s job to find out whether or not the web design should be same or different for all the web pages of a website. He or she should also decide upon the size of the pixel for the website.

Typography: the typefaces used in the website and the font size of letters are also decided by the web designer.

Graphics: A web designer must be in charge of the graphics used. Whether or not motion graphics is used also depends upon the web designer.

There are several website designing companies in Germany and the UK. However CHL is the best website designing company in Germany and in the UK. Crystal Hues Limited, is one of the world’s fastest growing Information Technology (IT) solutions company. Backed by the expertise of various domain specialists, we give our customers smart solutions in website development, application development and software development.

We offer complete architecture structuring and designing services to automate your business processes. Our experienced team of IT experts offers out-of-the-box solutions for website design and development, content management and conceptualization. We strive to provide our customers quality services at competitive prices. We follow multiple levels of quality checks to ensure the finest service experience for our clients. Our stringent security features keep your data safe and secured through automated process flows and project management software that are backed by firewalls, gateways and anti-virus software.

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