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Localization Strategy: How can it Benefit your Business?


It is not just about business; every organization is also concerned with its consumer base. The success of any business can be gauged from the number of customers it has and the preference for that business among those consumer[...]

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How to Ensure Success with E-commerce Website Development?


Are you looking to develop an E-commerce website? A web development company ensures that you receive the best services, from user experience to website performance. Developers have to be extra careful while building an E-commer[...]

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What are desktop publishing services, and how do they relate to translation?


Many of our clients have requirements to translate a document from one language to another. For example, many clients want to translate a leaflet, brochure or other glossy publication into the language of their audience. The tr[...]

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Desktop Publishing and Social Media Marketing Translation: Are You Getting the Best Out of Them?


Social media has come of age over the past five years. It has seen a lot of shifts that have become the new norms and trends. In a relatively short time frame, social media marketing has evolved from pure social networks where [...]

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Transcription Services and Why Your Business Need Them?


Transcription is turning an audio or video file into a text-based file. It is not a new service, but is gaining prom Transcription is turning an audio or video file into a text-based file. It is not a new service but is gaining[...]

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Why Branding Matter For Any Business?


A car whizzes past you, and you have noticed only the four circular rings on the car's tail as it went past. Immediately, a familiar feeling arose, and you have recognized the car brand. This is what branding is all about.;Brandin[...]

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How To Write SEO-Friendly Content That People Read?


When do you say that your content is successful? •;;;;;;;; It is successful when it is bringing organic traffic. •;;;;;;;; It is successful when it is boosting your search ranking. •;;;;;;;; It is successful when i[...]

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Benefits of Human Translation Services


Many websites offer you the easiest way to translate. You have to click on the link, upload your document, and viola, you will get the results in minutes. But what happens when you the instant results? You have to spend another[...]

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Advertising Agency to Transform Your Brand into a Big Success


An advertising agency is built to render ad campaigns that are cohesive, exhilarating, and well-thought of. An advertising company in India helps you reach your potential customers. The advertising agency has a team that create[...]

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Understanding the Importance of Medical Translation During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Never before has medical translation has gained such importance in history as it is now. The coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world with its lethality. Scores of people are dying an untimely death due to the pandemic. Healt[...]

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Tips For Designing The Perfect Catalogue For Your Brand


A strong and compelling brochure can educate its readers. It helps convey reliability about the product, authority of the brand and increase the target audience. It also persuades the readers to take action. Creating a visually[...]

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How to Design a Business Card: The Ultimate Guide


A business card is one of the basic significant professional requirements for advertisement, call to action, contact information, and brand recognition. You might think, what does small printed credit card size business card ca[...]

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Ideas To Achieve The Best Contemporary Brochure Designs


Brochure, either printed or Digital, packs a powerful marketing punch. For most businesses, brochures are the first marketing materials that introduce a potential customer to the business. They are the best marketing tools for bra[...]

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How Does Google Classify Content Translation?


Google has a strong penalty system for duplicated content. Sites which has duplicate content are ranked lower. Google prefers content that adds value to a viewer. Then we must ponder whether a translated text is considered a du[...]

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The Comprehensive Guide to Developing Your Localization Strategy


Creating a new localization strategy seems like a significant and challenging prospect. If you have not taken the initiative and the challenge before, you may find it difficult. Website localization services in India will help [...]

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How Outdoor Advertising Works For Brands?


Amidst the online advertising rage, many businesses have almost forgotten about other modes of advertising. Yet, some traditional advertising methods still show potential. One such is outdoor advertising. What is Outdoor Adv[...]

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All You Need to Know About Real-Time Translation


The translation world was transformed from Yahoo! Babel Fish back in 1997, but the present scenario shows that artificial intelligence plays a significant role. Translation services have progressed so much that now you can even ha[...]

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Use of SEO On-page in Marketing


What Is On-Page SEO?On-page, SEO is an approach to optimizing individual web pages to earn a higher rank and generate more relevant traffic in search engines. Both content and HTML source code of a page are referred to as on page [...]

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Tips to improve your localization strategy in 2021


Do you know how some companies make a successful and long-lasting growth in some countries, whereas a company there for years cannot make a dent? It all boils down to your excellent localization strategy.;;Localization services in[...]

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Leading Website Development Company in Delhi


A website design development company adds credibility to your business by providing you with a website's dominant element and a better user experience. Crystal Hues is the leading website development company in Delhi with a sol[...]

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5 Functional keys to managing the brand reputation of your company


In today's world, your brand reputation is more important now than ever. Online reputation management services help you maintain a positive brand reputation to increase customer loyalty, build confidence in the market, and help yo[...]

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Power of multilingual subtitling services you must know


The entertainment world, today, is overcoming the barriers of language. Language is no longer an issue since there are multiple ways of passing information. Due to technological advancement, Voice over services offers you subtitli[...]

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What is PPC in marketing, and how does it work?


What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?PPC is an online advertising model in which the advertisers pay whenever a user clicks on one of their online ads. Pay-per-click marketing service is an advertising platform where marketers don't [...]

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How to Increase Traffic through Content Marketing


There is a huge demand for content. But the long-term success in content marketing is consistency. To build a profitable online business and plan a strategy for content marketing, you have to learn from others' success and failure[...]

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5 Effective Logo Designing Tips You Must be Aware of


In a modern business environment, marketers have to make potential strategies for effective communication with their potential customers. The business has to spend various resources on creating visuals tools that can engage and in[...]

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Why is Innovative UI Design Vital for the Growth of a Website?


If you want to know how well the web application has fared, it can be known by its acceptance among its intended user base. And one of the most important factors that play a role in determining an application's success is how the [...]

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Five Reasons Why a Business Need Localization Service


With the advent of globalization, the world has become a local village. Consumers and buyers are no longer limited because of geography. Customers all around the world are looking for the best products and services which impart[...]

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What impact does direct marketing craft in your business?


Marketing campaigns are designed to promote your products and services. Marketing solution provider continually measure any marketing campaigns’ achievement to analyze their efficacy and whether they have amassed the maximum eyeba[...]

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5 Fundamental Strategies to Promote Your Brand


Brands make big promotion strategies to influence people about their business, to generate more leads and to help them boost customer engagement. Advertising company in India helps in the brand promotion that helps to visualize ho[...]

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What is Mobile App Monetization?


Are you monetizing your app with resources that fit seamlessly into the app cycle? Crystal hues is the leading Mobile App Development Company in India, which helps app holders drive revenue to their app while increasing user engag[...]

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Why Are Local Languages Essential to Communicate?


The world is a riveting and diverse place. It would be boring if everything was similar. There is a difference in language and culture, which makes our world enthralling. Language plays a prominent role in human connection. Throug[...]

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Trending Languages for UX Designing


The general definition of UX is “the perception of a user against a product, system or service that generates specific responses.” For a website, a positive UX means the users like spending time on your website. They like the la[...]

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The Logo Speaks For Your Brand


Remember the movie Lord of the Rings? In that, a symbol - a white handprint - on the armour of enemy soldiers reveals whose army it is to the protagonists. Similarly, signage at the entrance of shops and pubs in medieval Europe re[...]

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Why Do You Need Website Localization?


Globalization and localization go hand in hand with website localization. If you are wondering why, the reason is that markets have become increasingly competitive, small and big companies are looking to grow in global markets. I[...]

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Why Digital Marketing Is The Need of The Hour for A Business?


Picking up the pieces and getting back to business quickly is critical for small businesses now. But, bringing back the customers through traditional marketing is a challenge. The solution to the problem is Digital marketing. Dig[...]

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What is Online Reputation Management?


You are happily posting on social media. Every day you receive thousands of likes and comments. All is well until, on a fine day, a particular comment raised alarm bells. The reputation you gained in the online world is now under [...]

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Keys to Revamp your Website


Is your web traffic not improving? Are you finding it difficult to generate online sales? Or are you planning to revamp your website for providing a better customer experience? Whatever is the case, if you are planning to redesi[...]

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How To Create An Advertising Strategy?


Anyone who runs a business knows that advertising is necessary to let people know about the product or service they sell. But, to convince consumers to buy a product or a service, an advertising strategy is mandatory. Creating an[...]

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5 Things You Need to Learn for Professional Voice Over Services


Are you doing your first how-to and explanatory video project? Or are you new to the voice over industry? Whatever is the case, for providing professional voice over services, you need to know about these five things. Before that,[...]

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Facts about Website Localization


Have you come across the term web localization and wondering what it is? Then this post is for you. In the online world, a website is a place where it all happens. Either you are providing information or trying to sell your prod[...]

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How to Endorse your Brand Post COVID-19


Businesses are hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact can be seen in the way brands have lowered their ad spends. Endorsements, a critical element in branding, have been hit hard by the pandemic. As consumer’s interest is[...]

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Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Business


If you think content marketing is a fad, then you are losing out big on the digital marketing front. Content marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. If you have not invested in content marketing yet, this article wil[...]

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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Translation Agency


The growing demand for translation services in the country has led to the emergence of many translation agencies. Each agency varies widely in the languages they can translate, subject matter expertise, range of services, etc. Thu[...]

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5 Ways to Upgrade your Website Development


At a time when internet usage is rising, a website is the first line of communication for any business in the online world. While you may have a website up and running, but the changing times need an upgrade. From the changing pe[...]

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Make Your Company Result Driven by Hiring ‘A’ Grade Digital Marketing agency


Digital Marketing is the buzzword of the business world for many years now. The new marketing technique has found more acceptances due to its results-driven nature. Thus, If you want to succeed in your digital marketing game, y[...]

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Adopt Top Interpretation Service Provider Agency


Are you facing difficulties in finding interpreters for your virtual conference with members from other countries? If so, Crystal Hues Ltd is here to help you. Crystal Hues is in the business of providing language interoperati[...]

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5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Brand during Lockdown


Worried that your regular branding channels are not workable during the lockdown? We understand that lockdown has put your plans on the back burner. But, this should not be the case. Here are five effective ways that will boos[...]

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Is COVID-19 Situation hampering the Growth of Technology and Its Sector


No industry is left unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the impact on some sectors is severe, for some, the pandemic has put a halt on their growth for the short-term. The tech industry comes in the latter segment. Hard Te[...]

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How Lockdown is Affecting Internet Marketing


The coronavirus pandemic has put people in the homes and businesses on the internet. Restrictions in physical movement and closing down office spaces to curtail the spread of the virus led businesses to take the online route. A[...]

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Impact of Corona Virus on Advertising


The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses across sectors. Many firms are hanging precariously on balance as sales are slumping, and advertising is the key to revival. But, the coronavirus has impacted the advertising too[...]

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Why is Medical Translation Vital During COVID-19 Pandemic


The medical fraternity of every nation is sure a stressed lot. They are at the forefront of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. But in some situations, their hard work is being undone by language barriers. During pandemic condition[...]

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Top Internet Marketing Company India


No business can look away from the phenomena of internet marketing. From band promotion to brand awareness and from gaining customers and engaging with them, internet marketing is efficient and delivers quick results. Businesse[...]

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What is the Importance of Translation for Spreading Corona Virus Awareness?


The coronavirus pandemic is showing how essential translation services are. Misinformation and fake news campaigns, both in the online and offline world, are undermining the efforts of the governments in fighting the virus. P[...]

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Quarantine Yourself But Not Your Creative Ideas for Creative Branding


Locking ourselves away from the hustle and bustle of daily life is a tough choice. The lockdown, brought upon by the coronavirus pandemic, is a necessary choice to beat the virus. But, quarantining oneself should not be boring. [...]

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Role of Social Media during COVID-19 Lockdown


Offices are shut, people’s movement is restricted, and the whole world is confined to their homes. The scenes that we are witnessing from across the world are unprecedented. The COVID-19 pandemic is running amok and has put the w[...]

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Best Web Development Company in India


The world has shifted from a place of interpersonal connections to internet connections. So did the world of business. The life of people is now digitally driven. As a business, you also need to adapt to digital technologies. Yo[...]

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How to Hire an Interpretation Service Agency?


Today's business world is globally connected. It is the dream of every business to expand globally. But, communication has become a hindrance. Without proper communication, it is difficult to establish a channel with your business[...]

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Why Social Media Marketing Is Vital For A Business?


Social media marketing is a must, whether you are a small business or a big national player. It has become an important element in the overall marketing mix. As such, there is no alternate to it in the online marketing age. S[...]

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Accept Localization Services to Reach International Market


The international market is not a single place. It is a sum of numerous markets with each one being different from the other. Here is the dilemma for a business or marketer. How to reach the international market? For so long, b[...]

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Need for Transcription Services in India


Ever found yourself missing a key detail from your last meeting with your client? Or are you unable to understand your doctor’s recording of your health condition? Whatever is the case, when there is an audio recording that you ne[...]

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Explore The Range of Possibilities to Lead the Business in the Market


How is it that you can beat your competition and put your business on the pedestal of success? Alright, you have a great product to sell, but do you think that is enough to make people throng your stores or website to buy it? [...]

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How It Has Become Important to Integrate Marketing with Digital Marketing


As a business, your main concern must be to make your product visible to the consumers. Without knowledge of your products, consumers are unlikely to purchase them.Advertising your product in newspapers, TV, and other traditional [...]

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With Localization Service Reach Global Market


Are you ambitious? Are you looking to make your products reach the global market? Then it is time you understand the importance of localization services to fulfill your quest. Be it a software product or a website, the first thing[...]

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Make Your Online Presence Count to Excel in the Market


Here is a story of two boutique owners Hetal and Swathi. While both the boutiques are in the same locality, Swathi’s business is booming, and Hetal’s is stagnant. Both of them employed skilled professionals, but Swathi is getting [...]

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How One Can Get Better Results With Manual Translation Than the Machine Translation


The translation is the act of interpreting the meaning of a text and reproducing it in a target language.From businesses to educational institutions, who wish to have an international presence are finding translation necessary. Th[...]

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Target Niche Market With Mobile Marketing


Are you selling specific goods for specific people or businesses? Then, target your niche market using mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is the newest trend in marketing, which businesses cannot ignore. It is even more so in Indi[...]

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Website Localization to Reach Global Market


The Internet has made it easy to do business in global markets. By setting up a website, one can start selling their goods or services globally. But, not all are finding success. They are failing to reach global markets. While tar[...]

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How Subtitling Can Actually Change the Whole Conversation


Set in the backdrop of 1970s Mexico, the film Roma touched the hearts of the audience. The film has universal elements to convey.Though the film was released in Spanish, it was applauded across the globe. This was possible due to [...]

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What is the Importance of Transcription Services in India


Do you want to grow your Business and reach a vast audience? Are you looking for ways to expand your reach in the Indian Market, but you are facing hurdles due to the language barrier? This is where the Transcription Services and [...]

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Necessity of Translation Services in Todays World


English has become a global language. But still, this language is elusive to many. If you want to converse with a person of different origin and language, then how do you converse? Will you use sign language? Well, to be put simp[...]

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Reasons Why You Need Translation and Interpretation Services


If you think you do not need translation and interpretation services, then think again. When businesses are looking beyond their borders to expand, the first hurdle they face is communication. While English is the global language,[...]

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Get the Best Transcription and Translation Services from Crystal Hues


Imagine you are trying to market an audio-visual. Say, you made the content in English. For those who are well-versed in English, they connect to your content immediately. But, these people represent a tiny market. In India, where[...]

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