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How to create a buzz
in the market?

CHL Worldwide's BTL activations, In-shop promotion,
Experiential marketing, Augmented reality

Below the line activities allow a direct interaction between a brand and a consumer. CHL Worldwide has a full fledged team of direct marketing experts, experiential marketing specialists and activation specialists who can promote a brand in the field and deliver phenomenal response. Our services include, sampling activities, visual merchandising, in-shop shelf designs, on floor promotions and a lot more.

We have the ability to conceptualise, create and execute below the line promotions and experiential marketing activities for a brand under one roof.

Before starting work, we always keep in mind:

1. If the activity is in sync with the brand image

2. How to reach more audience

3. How to create the right buzz

Will the promotion be memorable

Crystal Hues Limited

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