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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 : When to choose a Freelancer for your SEO projects

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has garnered a keen interest in all quarters owing to its highly effective results in enhancing the visibility and ranking of websites on popular search engines. As a result, SEO firms and Freelancers are in great demand. And if you are wondering whether or not to hire a freelancer for your SEO projects, here are some simple guidelines that should be duly taken into consideration while hiring a freelancer:

1.The quality of a freelancer cannot be easily ascertained if you have not worked with him in the past. Hence in order to confirm the level of his expertise in handling SEO projects, you would do well to rely on recommendations or suggestions of those who have worked with a particular freelancer before. Blindly allocating your SEO projects to any Freelancer that promises to do it at lower rates than others is highly inadvisable.

2.If you have a basic knowledge about SEO and the process involved, you can go to a quality verified freelancer with clear and concise instructions regarding your project. However, if you lack the basic knowledge about SEO, and leave the entire outlay of your SEO project in the hands of a freelancer, it may not deliver the expected results appropriately. Very often, in order to make some quick bucks, many unscrupulous freelancers carry out the SEO using the Black Hat Method which is detrimental to the websites in the long run and may even lead to blacklisting of the website by Google and other search engines.

3.The heart and soul of Search Engine Optimization lies in the keywords around which the rankings are based. Deciding upon the appropriate and relevant keywords takes a lot of research and deliberations. A freelancer may or may not be experienced enough to provide you with the right keywords. On the contrary, if you are clear about the keywords that you want, a freelancer would be a good choice for your SEO project.

4.SEO is a continuously evolving concept as Google and other search engines periodically update and modify their search algorithms. As a result, rankings change drastically on these search engines owing to the modified algorithm. In order to ensure stable ranking on the search engines, maintenance work has to be carried off from time to time. A freelancer is not ideally suited to the maintenance work as he is rarely available once the work has been completed and rankings delivered on the concerned search engines. Thus if you are not looking at a long term association for your SEO needs, a Freelancer, in all probability, will serve your needs to the core.