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Wednesday, June 24, 2015 : Search Engine Marketing – Your Essential Business Marketing Process : CHL

Search engines have made life so very easy on the Internet. Gone are the days when one had to know the exact web address of the site you wanted to go on. Internet was a much smaller place then. Today, with millions of websites vying for the user’s attention, it would be crazy to think about the Internet without the awesome powers of the search engines.

A search engine is primarily an extremely complicated piece of program utilising equally complicated algorithms to “search” for relevant websites depending upon the string of words or word, called “keywords” put in the searchbox by the user. If the user is searching for a specific product or service, she will type the relevant keyword in the search engine’s box and the search engine will browse the entire Internet to come up with a result of the most relevant websites providing the product or service being searched by the user.

Although a search may throw up thousand of websites, it is a practical experience that we hardly look beyond the first or, at the most, second page of a search. For this reason, every website endeavours to get a higher page rank and eventually be featured at the top of a relevant search. This can be done by search engine marketing, or SEM. Through SEM, experts in the field help set up ad campaigns for businesses by which their site gets “featured” as an ad when relevant keywords are used for initiating a search.

There are many agencies providing SEM services in India. These agencies hire talented and experienced individuals who help online ads of businesses show up on search engines, when relevant keywords are used for a search. They also prevent, monitor, and report all users who click on ads to generate false clicks, since these are “empty clicks” and do not generate any leads and end up negatively impacting the marketing budget of the business.

Search engines allow businesses to set up pay-per-click, or PPC, ad campaigns. In this scenario the ad is visible when relevant keywords are typed for a search, yet money is paid only when somebody clicks on the ad. This is a huge advantage over traditional mode of advertising. Digital marketing agencies in India provide PPC services in Bangalore, Delhi, Noida or in any major city of the country.

With India being looked at as a major destination for high-end IT services, it is no wonder that many major domestic and international business corporations are looking at home-grown IT service providers for all their online marketing needs.