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Friday, August 28, 2015 : Advertising Can Make or Break a Brand: Crystal Hues

What is the one thing that differentiates between two companies that make similar quality products as far as sales is concerned? Advertising. Plain and simple. A robust advertising campaign can be the difference between great sales and bankruptcy. Well, bankruptcy could be a harsh term, but if the business relies only on word of mouth about their great quality products, then they better had extremely deep pockets.

Today, an advertising agency is a professional outfit to design and deploy a marketing and advertising campaign for businesses to create a brand identity. This brand identity can be leveraged to create a loyal customer base who will buy the services and products of the company and themselves become brand ambassadors of the company.

As businesses vie for the attention of customers, they turn to an advertising company to deliver the goods for them. An advertising company has on its team domain specialists like copywriters, digital and print marketing experts, event managers and creative designers, among others. Each team member will help create a seamless integration of all elements to come out with the final product which is the campaign itself.

Advertising services not only include creative designing of advertising material and its final deployment, but also initial research of the marketplace and demographic analysis for placement of the product in the correct demographic bracket. Such research is carried out by sample analysis of an urban, rural or mixed population which helps the creation of a suitable brand identity and the designing and deployment of the advertising campaign.

Apart from that regional and cultural concerns must also be taken care of. Many a times, when pictorial representations are made, the people behind the campaign should understand and make sure that the illustrations should, in no way, offend the cultural and religious sensitivities of the target audience. It should, in fact, have a mass appeal to get better acceptance.

Today, an advertising agency is not a printing press, but a professional unit involving the expertise of tens of different domains to prepare a cutting-edge campaign for the client. The success of the advertising campaign can make or break the brand. There have been innumerable instances when the wrong choice of words and photos have created a negative impact in the minds of the population and has had an effect on sales and thus, profitability.

Advertising in India is a huge industry with thousands of competing national and international brands. An advertising agency in Delhi or any major city of the country today involves specialists in the field of marketing and advertising to build a successful campaign for the client.

An advertising company needs to understand the complexities of the target marketplace before setting pen to paper. It needs to ensure that every element of the campaign should be designed to create value for the client’s business.