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Saturday, October 03, 2015 : Digital Marketing: The Future of Advertising

With close to 300 million Internet users and a 30 % year-on-year increase in the internet base, India, the quintessential slumbering giant, has an internet penetration of 22%. Close to 960 million mobile subscribers add to these gargantuan figures. Although this number might be small in comparison with other countries, the sheer size of India’s population guarantees huge numbers.

The internet has opened up a hitherto unknown market place and businesses are flocking the digital space to sell their products and services. This has also created a different advertising scenario and a parallel industry specialising in digital marketing has come up in recent years.

Whereas traditional forms of marketing are still being used by businesses, they are slowly, yet surely, realising the worth of having a digital marketing strategy. The best thing about digital marketing is that digital ads can be served only to people who are genuinely interested in it, rather than putting up a hoarding outside a railway station and expecting people to see it and make the decision to buy the product.

Whereas traditional forms of marketing play an important role in creating a brand image and identity, businesses are realising the awesome powers that platforms like social media play in consumers making buying decisions.

India, with its huge potential for business, is slowly coming to terms with the concept of digital marketing. There are many such service providers in the country who offer specialised marketing campaigns which are closely aligned to the corporate objectives. Delhi being the hub of businesses in India, there are many digital marketing services in Delhi.

An internet marketing company in Delhi usually has a team of domain specialists who are experts in various avenues of digital marketing like search engine optimization, social media marketing and optimization, pay-per-click ads and so on.

An internet marketing company in Delhi will first understand the exact requirements of the business, its specific consumer demography and its brand value before creating a highly customised marketing campaign for them. After the deployment of the campaign, the next step is to monitor it for its efficacy and to understand how it is faring in the digital space. The best feature of digital marketing is that the campaign can be tweaked as and when required.

With digital marketing offering high degrees of flexibility and agility, more and more businesses are flocking to internet marketing. With controllable budgets and metrics to measure the success of every single ad campaign, digital marketing is catching the fancy of Indian businesses.