Domain name registration

Crystal Hues is one of the largest domain registration company ensuring unparalleled domain accessibility and security. It offers registration of domain names for top level domains and other domain extensions, which are country specific or industry specific.

Designing website

A Website is your company's profile online. Crystal HuesLimited (CHL) has a proven track record of not only adding new clients each week but also retaining almost all its clients. Having been in the business since 1998, CHL guarantees unique, reliable, quality and hassle-free Website services.

Being an active member of the internet community, CHL strives to maintain a balance between the technological developments and keeping websites enjoyable and meaningful. CHL developed websites deliver content, download quickly, and most importantly propagates the impression that the client desires.

CHL is a member of the Bandwidth Conservation Society and HTML Writers Guild. Being up to date with changes and advances on web technologies, CHL guarantees practical, reliable and unique solutions to your website development and promotion.The website can be your online office. Designing a website involves the arrangement and creation of Webpages that constitutes a website. A webpage consists of information that visitors would like to see and read. Some of the main aspects to be considered while designing a website are as follows:

The target and the content: The information given on the site should be relevant to your business and should interest the audience that you want your website to target.

The user interface: The site should be user-friendly with easy to understand interface that should make navigation quick and simple.

The appearance: The graphics and text should include a consistent style that flows throughout the website. Of course, the style should be professional, appealing and relevant.

The visibility: The website should be amenable to search engines so that your website is easy to find via most, if not all, internet search engines.

There are no standard hosting packages. We tailor-make and customize the solutions as per the needs of the business. The hosting plans are available on both LINUX and Windows servers for high performance business websites. CHL's network operations team assures uninterrupted service. With us, your site sits on a state-of-the-art web server on the internet backbone with a high-speed link and thus ensures downloading of your pages as quickly as possible. Our multiple OC-3 links and multiple T3-level links to over 40 major internet backbones (like Uunet, MCI, AT&T, Sprint etc.) deliver your site's pages to visitors faster.

Application development

Web applications are business functions and strategies that are automated on your website. Web applications typically involves collecting, processing, and reporting data to the visitors, users, and owners of the website. These tools help in conducting your business online or integrating with your business and making your website more meaningful. Some of the popular technologies of web application development are ASP,JSP, ASP.NET, PHP, CSS, Javascript, VBScript, CGI etc.


Crystal Hues engineers bring together customers, vendors, and suppliers in ways never before possible. The web enables your core business processes to improve customer service, reduce cycle time, get more results from limited resources and actually sell things. In short, using the web to sell goods, services, and information to consumers.

Because websites are impersonal, internet transactions can get downright touchy. A sense of security needs to be established without creating the feeling of fort Knox . Customers must be able to select a mode of payment and the software must verify their ability to pay. The E-commerce technologies used by Crystal Hues are designed to replace traditional paper-based workflow with faster, more efficient, and reliable communications between computers. And it is on this technology that businesses are expected to piggyback on in the next millennium.

Search Engine Optimization and Promotion

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. SEO aims at increasing the amount of visitors to your website by ranking it high in the search results of search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc. The higher a website ranks on the results page, the higher the number of visitors your website will receive. A typical web surfer browses through only the first few pages of a search engine result. Hence, it is very important for the website to show up on the first few pages for relevant keywords of your business. SEO helps to ensure that your website is amenable to a search engine and that the site will be found by the internet search engines.

Online promotions

Just having a web site is not enough, to get that extra net exposure; the promotional activities should be right in place.