Crystal Hues Limited
Crystal Hues Limited


Crystal Hues provides development and creation of Corporate identity. Corporate identity refers to the personality of your company defined by your branding and brand activation. Crystal Hues Corporate identity propagates your corporate personality and emphasizes the attitude of your company. This involves designing and development of your logo, letterhead, envelope and also marketing collaterals like brochure, presentations, etc.

Logo Designing services

Crystal Hues Logo design represents your business in a symbolic or pneumonic form. Logo design exemplifies the first impression of your business. CHL's Logo Designing services involves a lot of consideration and research, including close interaction with the owners and other stakeholders of your business. Crystal Hues designs the logo considering the name of the company, business, industry, product, geo-cultural influences, positioning, etc.before you launch your business.

Crystal Hues Logo design delivers the following advantages:

Letter Head Designing service

Letter heads designed by Crystal Hues ensures that your letterhead reflects the most appropriate image of your company among your peers. Crystal Hues designs your letter head to make the best of the first opportunity that you have to present your company and leave the right personality and impression. Crystal Hues ensures that your letterhead creates a positive image of your business along with providing the customer with your name and address.

Business card designing service

Crystal Hues designs business cards to display information both about you r business and you to generate the best impression on your customer. Crystal Hues designs business cards to ensure that the business meeting starts with your positive impression. Typically, your business card includes your name, your organizations name and contact details. Envelop designing service

Crystal Hues designs your envelope to communicate your image and enhances the importance of the contents inside the envelope. Crystal Hues designs envelops carefully selecting envelope sizes and styles that enhances your image and portrays the right impression. Our envelop designing considers the type of mailing, the size of the proposed item to be inserted, budget, use of automated equipment for insertions, etc.

Crystal Hues Limited


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