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Translation services is an inevitable requirement to communicate with your target audience, especially customers with different culture and language. You need to communicate in the native language of the target audience to communicate effectively and achieve your objective. Crystal Hues Limited, a translation agency in India bridges the language and cultural gap through accurate and reliable translation of your content.

Crystal Hues Limited (CHL), an ISO 9001:2008 certified translation service company in India, is a premier provider of professional Translation and Localization services in more than 70 languages around the world, including many rare languages. CHL accepts your source document in any format (website, printed materials, prepress files, multimedia presentation, software GUI, help files, etc) and delivers translated documents back in the same format. The team of professionals in various domains including graphic designing, website designing, publishing and pre-press activities, multimedia specialists, software and server engineers enables CHL to work with your content in any format. CHL team of 100+ in-house professional specialists work with more than 700 contracted professional native translators to deliver over 50 projects a day to more than 2,000 satisfied and regular clients worldwide, which includes many of the large language translation companies in the world.

Localization, adaptation, conversion and repurposing are synonymously used for Translation though each of these words refer to distinctly different aspects as indicated below.

Localization refers to adaptation of content in a given language to another language and involves editing to match geo-cultural indicators like graphics, colors, currency, number and date formats, etc.

Localization versus Translation

Translation activity may be managed by anyone including you, provided you are willing to spare time to locate an appropriate translator and coordinate the activity. You will note that the difference is in the simplicity of the translation process of translation versus the complexity of the localization process. The translation process may involve the following activity:

This process might seem simple however in reality it isn't. Translation projects usually involve many professional skills including project management, graphic engineering and others depending on the domain expertise required for the project.

Translation versus copywriting

Translation refers to the process of converting the existing content in a language (also referred as source) to another language (referred as target). The translator is required to have thorough knowledge of both the source and target languages but most importantly must be a native in the target language. During translation, the translator converts the source language content into the target language without making any additions or omissions, or deviating from the source content provided.

The translator is required to keep the translations as close as possible to the source content, even though there is always dearth of similar words or appropriate phrases while translating into a different language. The translator's scope is bound and limited by the content in the source language. The translator cannot extrapolate or redefine the meaning in any other way than given in the source content, albeit in the best of intentions.

If the translator extrapolates or redefines the content in the source language, the translation is rendered useless and may irreparably damage the translation and the objective.


Copywriting refers to the art of creatively writing and developing content based on the source content, ensuring adherence to pre-defined objectives and target audience sensitivities. It requires imbibing the nuances of the culture and geo-political character of the language. Copywriting is an inevitable requirement to create marketing or publishing content especially if your content will be read by several people. The team of copywriters at CHL have more than 15 years of experience in copywriting for a variety of industries and fields. The team’s expertise in delivering high quality copywriting in the shortest time and at competitive fees is unmatched in the industry. CHL copywriters deliver easy to read content for websites, brochures, manuals, flyers, and multimedia presentations, which ensures a pleasant experience for your customers.

Comparison of Translation v/s Copywriting

Copywriting does not involve translation but rather requires the copywriter to create new content which involves rewriting, extrapolating and even adding to the source content. A copywriter must have creative writing skill as opposed to the methodical disposition of a translator, who is bound and limited in scope by the source content. Copywriting is a sequential process to translation since translation process creates the source content, which is used by the copywriter to deliver new creatively written content.

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