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Crystal Hues Ltd connects the world with various languages. With our certified, high-quality 33 years of professional translation experience, our network of certified translators will help you overcome the language barrier.

Our translation services are well known for providing exceptional communication services to a range of sectors, including banking, legal, healthcare, and technology.

We provide our clients the unmatched capacity to fulfil even the most stringent deadlines and pressing event dates because we skillfully blend painstaking accuracy with transparent pricing.

How Do We Execute A Translation Project?

Executing a translation project can become very tricky.
But we have learnt from our years of experience, and have developed a step-wise flawless translation execution process.

Step 1: File Analysis

The fist step involves getting the source files for translation and conducting a thorough analysis to understand the scope of work.

Step 2: Project Planning

Once we understand the scope of work, then we plan project execution after considering the expected date of delivery, and then finalise timelines.

Step 3: Project Execution

After confirmation on the delivery timelines, the project is then sent for execution to the respective translators and the project managers ensure that the projects are being executed as per the timelines.

Step 4: Quality Check

We have a 3 step quality check process . Once the team internally receives the translated document, it is first sent to a professional proofreader for checking the quality, then it is sent back to the original translator for revisions and rechecks, and finally the document is reviewed internally for formatting or duplicity errors.

Step 5: File Delivery

The final translated files are delivered to the customers along with the translation certificate to prove that the document is translated to the best of the organisation’s abilities and a warranty is given using which the customers (if unsatisfied) can instruct the project managers for the amendments to be made in the translated documents for upto 2 times.


Offering Premium Quality Translation Services in India in 200+ Languages

With an experience of more than 33 years, Crystal Hues Ltd offers reliable and accurate translation of any content to bridge the gap between language and culture.

As a leading translation company in India, we are the proud owner of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification and consistently deliver error-free services to our clients.

We provide professional translation services in 200+ languages comprising Indian, Asian, European, and African languages. In addition, we implement various quality enhancement techniques to ensure accuracy in all our projects. As a result, you can conveniently and confidently communicate worldwide and expand your business through our customized translation and localization services.

CHL is the best translation agency in India that aims to provide quick, effective solutions to help you achieve your desired goals. Now, communicate proficiently with prospective customers, especially those with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

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  • +Projects Delivered Monthly
  • +Native Translators Globally
  • +Languages Translated Worldwide
  • +In-House Professionals

Why Choose CHL as your Translation Partner?

Since we are dedicated about ensuring that our clients are given clear and accurate communication, our area of competence lies in providing comprehensive language solutions.

High Quality:

At Crystal Hues Limited, we prioritise providing excellent translation services over operational optimisation in order to deliver accurate and consistent results for an affordable price.

Professionals Experts:

The human touch included into our translation company distinguishes us and promotes enduring relationships. Our customer service is much valued by our clients. To address the different needs of numerous industries, we continue to provide outstanding language solutions with a commitment to quality.

Fast Turnarounds:

We redefine speed at Crystal Hues; while other services may be blazingly quick, our turnaround times are unmatched. Depending on how complicated the order is, we produce unequalled outcomes that leave other translation agencies faraway.

Competitive Pricing:

Our translation company emphasize on competitive pricing and provide a clear per-word fee that is much lower than that of conventional agencies. This makes it possible for you to grow your company into new areas and connect with more clients while keeping your prices low.

100% Security:

At Crystal Hues, we place a high priority on protecting sensitive company data as well as private individual information. You may have peace of mind knowing that your data is secure with us and that we go above and beyond to make sure it only reaches the right people.

Translating Content For All Domains & Industries

Even though translation as a concept can be understood across different domains, the expertise required for translating content for specific domains and industries requires the linguists to have prior experience and knowledge of the particular domain. Crystal Hues has refined and perfected the onboarding process with linguist talent around the world
such that it has the right people for every requirement.

Some of the domains that we have gained years of experience and expertise in, are:

FAQ - Translation

Our Translation Company provides a variety of specialized translation services to meet the requirements of various industries. Our translation services include: Financial Translations, E-Learning Translations, IT Translations, Legal Translations, Marketing Translations, Medical Translations, Technical Translations, and Gaming Translations.

We offer professional translation services in over 200 languages. Our extensive language coverage includes Indian, Asian, European, and African languages, allowing us to manage a wide range of projects for a diverse clientele worldwide.

The delivery time for translating a document execution, taking into account the anticipated delivery date, and then we finalize the varies based on variables such as the document's length, level of difficulty, and target language. After evaluating the scope of work, our translation services meticulously plan the project's schedule. We attempt to provide quality translations in a timely manner without sacrificing efficiency.

The cost of translation depends on a number of variables, including the language combination, the number of words, the complexity of the content, and the urgency of the project.
Please visit our translation company website's "Get Instant Quote" page and provide the necessary project information. Our team will promptly provide you with a customized, competitive price estimate for your consideration.

Visit https://www.crystalhues.com/contactus.asp to make an order for translation services. Complete the page's contact form with your name, email address, phone number, and a concise description of your translation needs. Our team will contact you promptly to discuss your project.

Crystal Hues Limited is proud to provide translation services of the highest calibre. As a prominent translation company in India, we are certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. These certifications demonstrate our dedication to sustaining stringent quality management systems, adhering to industry standards, and protecting data.

To contact us for any inquiries or to discuss your translation needs, you can reach our translation company through the following channels: · Phone: +91-11-46850000 · Mobile: +91 9000 666742 · Email: info@crystalhues.com

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