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Crystal Hues Limited provides high-level language interpretation services Delhi for corporate, legal, medical, and government settings in more than 70 languages. Whether you require on-site or over-the-phone interpretation we provide qualified interpreters to help you communicate with ease.

CHL has an extensive network of professional interpreters who can quickly deliver consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, in a wide range of subjects and technical fields. We select the best-suited interpreter for each client and ensure the highest level of service.

Our Services

Legal Interpretation Services

CHL offers certified legal interpreters who are chosen based on their language proficiency, extensive legal experience, and expertise in the relevant subject matter. We also offer over-the-phone interpretation for legal matters.

Corporate Interpretation Services

Our corporate clients rely on our team for simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation during presentations, business meetings, human resource training, conferences and seminars, and also client meetings. Our professional interpreters have in-depth knowledge and experience, and interpersonal skills to convey information accurately and with sensitivity.

Consecutive Interpretation:

It is the most common form of interpretation, used for one-on-one and small group meetings. The consecutive interpreter waits till the end of the sentence or statement to deliver the interpretation. Sight Translation: This is the rendering of written documents in the source language into spoken speech in the target language.

Translation versus Interpretation

Translation and interpreting are closely related, but they are rarely performed by the same person. The difference is in training, aptitude, skills, and even language knowledge are so considerable that only few people can do both accurately on a professional level.

The difference between translation and interpreting is only the difference in their medium; the interpreter translates orally, while the translator interprets by written text. Both require deep knowledge of more than one language.

Skill Profile of Professional Interpreter

An interpreter must be able to translate in both the directions on the spot, without the use of dictionaries or other reference materials. Interpreters must have great listening abilities, especially for simultaneous interpreting. As it require to process and memorize the words that the source language speaker has said, while also simultaneously providing the speech in the target language of the words that the speaker said 5 to 10 seconds ago. Interpreters should have public speaking skills and intellectuality in order they can instantly transform idioms, and culturally specific references that the audience can understand.

Why Us?

Skills: CHL’s interpreters possess the following skills:

70+ Languages: A full suite of translation services in more than 70 languages and dialects. At CHL, we have a network of translators, including in-country linguist’s experts in dozens of technical fields.

Client Platform: Our secure platforms allow our clients to request quotes, place orders and track projects online. You can generate reports, download files, and view previous projects.

Quality Assurance: CHL provides a quality management system that is certified.

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