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The use of machine translation is on the rise due to its simplicity and faster output. Yet, the quality of the machine-translated text is far from satisfactory. The manuscripts do not often feel human-like. A solution is needed. Similarly, translation by inexperienced people will result in error-prone documents. The solution thus for both is post-editing the manuscripts by a professional service provider like Crystal Hues.

Providing language services for over three decades, Crystal Hues is an expert post-editing services provider. And the service is offered in over 200 languages.

Crystal Hues has an excellent team of post-editing experts who help improve the quality of the translated text. They pick up incoherence in the text, which impairs fluency. Thoroughly check for grammar and spelling errors. And use a style guide to eliminate inconsistencies in the text. The terminology and numeric data in the text are properly scrutinized for inaccuracies. Overall, the end manuscript will feel more natural and human-like.

There are two types of editing depending on the client’s requirements:

Light-post editing:

If the requirement is to make the text simply understandable. This editing technique is ideal. In this, the document is checked for grammatical errors and corrected. There will be only a few modifications to make the text understandable.

Full-post editing:

The manuscript is searched exhaustively for errors and edited to make it more accurate and appear natural. The final manuscript will be stylistically and linguistically accurate for the target language audience. This type of editing is suitable for sensitive texts, research manuscripts, and other critical documents that will have a bearing if published faultily.


Why Choose Crystal Hues for Post-Editing?

Collaborative approach:

Text editing is not a one-way process. It involves both the author of the text and editors working together. The edited text is forwarded to the author for scrutiny. Any changes required are adopted in the text. The collaborative approach allows for delivering high-quality text.

Editors' team:

It consists of experienced post-editors who are native language speakers and have expertise in the diverse subject matter. Be it a research manuscript, legal document, financial text, training manual, or any other complex text, team will edit accurately and in any language.

Quick delivery:

Whether it's an urgent publishing requirement or a long-term one, Crystal Hues carries out accurate post-editing and delivers high-quality publishing-ready manuscripts at quick turnaround times.

Post-Editing At Affordable Prices

Crystal Hues offers post-editing services at the industry's best rates. The policies on revisions and edits are transparent, and data confidentiality is made essential throughout the processes. Also, Crystal Hues adhere to the highest post-editing quality standards in the industry and deliver the best results.

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