Professional & Multilingual Subtitling Services In India

Subtitling refers to the activity of embedding text version of an audio in a video which is perfectly timed to be shown as the audio is being spoken in the video content.

How Do We Execute The Subtitling Projects?

At Crystal Hues, we follow a three-step subtitling process. Our team of transcriptionists, translators, editors and technical experts work collectively to deliver accurate results.

1. Understanding The Requirement

The very initial conversation that we have with our clients solely dedicated to understanding the project in its entirety. We understand that there might be various requirements where the subtitles need to be delivered timestamped/timecoded or have to be embedded in the video and given directly or perhaps only the timecoded scripts are required to be delivered only. Hence, it is curial for us to understand the complete scope of work.

2. Quotation & Timeline Approvals

Once we understand the entire requirement, we create a customised solution and share the quotation along with the delivery timelines for the client's approval.

3. Audio Transcriptions

The entire audio in the video is transcribed in the source language and is timecoded by an expert linguist and the transcribed script is shared with the client for their approval.

4. Translation Of Transcribed Scripts

In case the subtitles are required to be translated into different languages, the timecoded & transcribed documents are then translated by expert linguists and then the document undergoes the company’s translation quality check process before it is forwarded to the client for final approval.

5. Embedding The Subtitles

Once the approval is shared by the client, we then embedded the timecoded subtitles into the video shared with us to produce the final results.

6. Final Review

The final video subtitle output is then reviewed by the respective linguists and in-house quality assessment teams and then shared with the client for the final receipt and acknowledgment of project completion.


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Do you know that over 80% of online trac in the coming decades would come from watching online videos? Yes, you read that right. Online video consumption is increasing by the day. And brands are marketing videos en masse to garner attention. But, it's not as easy as it seems.

Heavy competition is making it dicult for brands to reach their target audience. And at a time when social media platforms are allowing users to mute the videos automatically, how can your prospects notice your video? The solution is to add subtitles to your videos.Subtitles are added text to videos. It narrates what the characters in the video are speaking and helps the audience understand the message clearly. Subtitles provide a great viewing experience, especially to those who do not understand the language of the video.

With subtitles, your videos can reach a far wider public. Translate your subtitles, and the world is within your reach! And Crystal Hues is here to help you with its subtitling services.

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VoiceOvers & Dubbing Services For Businesses & Individuals Across The Globe

If you think subtitling is easy, think again. It’s particularly challenging to create translated subtitles. You thus need our expert subtitling services.

At Crystal Hues Limited, we have a professional team of subtitling artists who provide accurate subtitles in any language you desire. Our team is adept at the cultural nuances and linguistic differences of the world, and we take great care in keeping the original meaning of your video is not lost in the subtitles. Providing multi-language subtitles is one of our primary service.

While transcribing the video or translating is work half done. Embedding the subtitles accurately to the video is what makes subtitles enjoyable. And our technical experts are adept at making sure that the subtitles are time-coded accurately for a seamless viewing experience. Also, irrespective of the language, we provide SRT translations.

As an ISO-certified language services provider, we at Crystal Hues have made it the foal to deliver only high-quality results.

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