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Subtitling or captioning services involves display of text versions of the audio dialogues in audio-visual content including films. Subtitles are essentially a feature that appears at the bottom of the screen and could be loosely termed as the storyline of the presentation or the movie. Subtitles could be the text of the storyline and dialogues in the same languages or a different language through the process of transcription and translation. Hearing impaired or deaf audience have no other recourse but to rely on subtitling on your presentation.

Three components of Subtitling projects undertaken by Crystal Hues:

Time code with source script: Generally your audio visuals, movie or presentation require subtitling and the source script is either given or if you cannot provide the source script for subtitling then we transcribe the presentation along with the time code. You may incur the charges for transcription (audio to text conversion in the same language along with the time code denoted as 00:00:00 for hours, mins, seconds). The dialogues and voice-overs are timed to synchronize with new dubbing or subtitling. The fees are calculated on per minute basis and on the language of the movie, typically one minute consists of 120 words. The transcript (script) is then sent to the customer for approval to ensure accuracy of the storyline.

Translation activity: Transcript or the script is subsequently translated with specific instruction to the translator to use small sentences and phrases clearly indicating that the end use of translated content will be subtitling. Crystal Hues sends the script along with the time code so that the translator delivers the translation which can be read within the time code in the transcript. Translation is generally the second component of your cost of subtitling.

Integration of the subtitles: The text or the translated text is integrated with the movie or presentation respecting the time code so that the subtitle syncs with the dialogue and the audio. Integration is the third component of the cost that the client has to pay. Typically, one minute has about 20 subtitle, Crystal Hues fees is based on per subtitle.

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