Voice Over & Dubbing Services For Businesses & Individuals

Voice-over refers to the act of embedding an external audio on a video. In this service, the video doesn’t have an audio like commentary or narration and requires an individual to lend their voice to explain or narrate what is happening in the video.

What Is Meant By Dubbing?

Dubbing refers to the act of replacing an audio of a video in a particular language into another language. In this service, the video already comes with an audio where the speaker is communicating in a particular language, and the requirement is to replace the language of the audio with a different one.

How Do We Execute The Audio Projects?

At Crystal Hues, a voice project passes through various phases of understanding, assigning, testing, recording, and editing. Throughout the project, we involve and inform the client about the progress. At each phase, our strict quality control systems weed out errors and deliver only the best results.

1. Understanding The Requirement

Be it VoiceOver or Dubbing requirements, before suggesting a solution and executing it, we make sure that we understand the exact requirement and attempt to visualise the output expectations through the eyes of our clients via a preliminary Q&A session in which the client shares a glimpse of the final video on which the voice over/dubbing have to be embedded. We also enquire about the audience who will be consuming the content so that we make sure that the clients are getting the best of what we have to offer.

2. Create Customised Solution & Take Approval

Once we understand the entire requirement, we create a customised solution and share the samples of the voice artists who best match our client’s requirement and share the quotation & timelines for execution for approval.

3. Project Execution

After confirmation on the customised solution and quotations, the chosen artist(s) is asked to create audio content based on the script provided by the client. For dubbing requirements the audio is first transcribed, then translated to the destination language and then the translated script is given to the voice artist(s) to record in the studio.

4. Quality Checks

Once we receive the audio from the voice artist, our in-house quality assessment team analyses the file for any discrepancies and then shares it with a linguist of the same language expertise to ensure that the audio output is of the highest quality.


Offering Best VoiceOvers & Dubbing Services Globally in 200+ Languages

You have the script ready, and the video production is over. All you need is an impactful voice to bring the characters to life. At Crystal Hues, we have professional voice over artists who are adept at giving life to characters by lending their voices. From Indian to middle eastern, Asian, and European languages, we provide voice over services in over 200 languages.

We assign voice artists specifically as per your requirements. Say you want a female voice with slang and aged between 20 and 30, we deliver exactly that. Our team is classified based on gender, age, language, tone, and rendering style. They are absolute professionals and have years of experience in the field.

  • +Hours Of Audio Monthly
  • +Sound & Audio Engineers
  • +Native Voice Artists Globally
  • +Languages Worldwide
  • +In-House Professionals

VoiceOvers & Dubbing Services For Businesses & Individuals Across The Globe

There was once a time when people relied on text to seek information. But, in the current digital world, there is more audio-visual content than text. From business presentations to TV commercials and new-age marketing elements like social media videos, audio-visual content is everywhere. And thanks to technological advances, people’s hunger for audio-visual content is becoming insatiable.

What does this mean for you as a brand? It means, to reach your target audience amidst this audio-visual deluge, you need a powerful voice that packs a punch and delivers your message clearly. Also, it must be unique so that it becomes your brand's voice. Remember how Apple’s Siri voice became a symbol of Apple? Such is the power of voice.

Not just brands, anyone who intends to make their videos, films, games, documentaries, presentations, etc., to go global require a professional voice/dubbing artist. This is where Crystal Hues come into play

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