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Crystal Hues is a nationwide transcription leader with a zest to serve you better. We appreciate the nuance of language and know it plays a unique role in everyone's life. We provide transcription services, both audio and video in various languages. We are an indispensable part of your conferences, meetings, seminars, videos, research, academics, etc. We support you in running your business smoothly by providing transcripts that will be accurate the first time.

We provide our clients the services for medical research, academic lectures, and speeches, general conversations, legal cases, media interviews, sermons, film captions, marketing presentations, financial decisions as well as conference events, and police investigations.

Our aim is to produce the highest-quality transcript. We support our clients in advising them on which recording equipment to use for the exceptional quality of sound. In our profession, we have learned that, the clearer the audio, the more accurate the transcript is.

We offer affordable transcription services covering a wide range of subject matter and recordings from many different settings. We employ the best "ears" in the industry that have a panache for diverse languages. Our team consists of multi-specialty experts and contains digital infrastructure in place for rapid turnaround, accurate and organized text, in any format or presentation you require.

Our Features

ISO Standards

As a leading transcription company in India, we are a certified transcription company, ISO 9001:2015 that offers standard services. We undertake our job seriously to provide you the best transcription services.

Native Translators

We employ the best individuals to handle the projects. Most of our transcriptions are performed by humans. Our team consists of skilled and fluent language experts who enjoy decades of knowledge and experience in this industry.

NDA Policy

Crystal hues ensure the highest level of security and confidentially to your files. We have developed a secure network with our trustworthy staff and our renowned non-disclosure agreement (NDA) Policy.

Affordable Rates

We offer affordable and fair prices to you for transcripts. It doesn’t mean that our cheap prices will get you shoddy work. Rather, our work is of the highest standard keeping your interest in the front.

Express Delivery

We offer you superfast delivery with the projects depending on their complexity. We always keep you in the loop regarding the stages of a big project and ensure that our work is delivered accordingly to the timeline.

Our Services

Certified Transcription: Crystal Hues offer you certified Transcription Services in India. We are an ISO 9001:2005, ISO 17100:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standardized agency that offers various services to our clients with speedy project delivery with best quality.

Audio to Text Transcription: Our transcription service supports you in capturing more value from your recorded audio. Moreover, to convert your audio to text, you could just upload the audio on our website and we can provide you the transcription service online.

Video to Text Transcription: We generate transcripts of your video so that search engines could rank your video higher and users are able to discover you easily. It’s so effortless for you, that you can just upload your videos to us directly or simply mail your media. You could even send a link and in no time, we will send you a transcript online.

Medical Transcription: Crystal Hues provides medical transcripts to medical researchers, clinics, doctors, hospitals, and healthcare professionals around the world. Our qualified team provides medical transcripts for research, correspondence, medical reports, discharge papers, medical review, autopsy reports, surgery notes, and more.

Legal Transcription: We understand the importance of preparing legal documents with careful attention to detail. And hence, we maintain a committed pool of competent legal transcriptionists who are proficient with legal terminology. Our exceptional services have enlisted us as a trusted partner with various legal organizations. We provide impeccable legal transcription services that can stand the highest degree of accuracy.

Academic Transcription: You can avail of the services of Crystal Hues because we understand how important transcriptions hold an important place in the life of academicians, graduate students, and researchers. We provide transcription services in various languages to provide your research a global outreach. Our team who are adept at different subjects can produce accurate and efficient documents.

Interview Transcription: When recording an interview or lengthy meetings, your mind should be on the task at hand rather than the transcription or jotting it down. Our transcription services let you do just that! Our company allows you to buy back your time and gain insights from the content in your recordings. You can rely on us to capture the details of those conversations by handling the transcription of everything that was said.

Podcast Transcription: Podcast transcription services can augment your subscription base listeners for your podcast. We transcripts your podcast to reach your potential audience. Our team takes extra diligence to provide your transcription services at a superfast rate because we grasp, how the online world change and response. You solely focus on releasing your podcast and get the transcript in no time.

Digital Transcription: Various formats are used to produce digital recordings. Our team has come up with various modern approaches by using up-to-date transcription software and equipment. We use a wide range of formats such as DVD, MP3, AIFF, AU, MIDI, RA/RAM, WAV, DSS, and MOV files, pocket digital voice recorders, and live broadcasts for Voice-to-Text Transcripts

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Our professional transcription services have been involved in a large number of projects ranging from a wide variety of subjects. We take pride in the fact that most of our clients had been satisfied and happy with our work. Our high-quality services and quick turnaround times have been our hallmark.

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