CHL 2024 Calendar: A Visual Journey of Impactful Campaigns for Social Causes

CHL 2024 Calendar: A Visual Journey of Impactful Campaigns for Social Causes

New Delhi, January 16, 2024

Crystal Hues Limited (CHL), a leading language services and localization provider, has launched its much-anticipated 2024 calendar, taking a unique approach this year by celebrating social causes. In collaboration with the India Is Us (i2u) Social Foundation, CHL's annual calendar showcases its commitment to 12 impactful causes that resonate with the evolving landscape of a developing India.

Aligned with its mission to deliver complete communication life-cycle services, CHL's 2024 calendar transcends traditional date-keeping. With a circulation exceeding 4000 corporates, the calendar offers a visual journey through CHL's year-long campaigns, emphasizing Sustainable Development Goals month after month.

"CHL has always believed in the power of language and communication to drive positive change. This year's calendar is not just a tool to mark dates but a testament to our dedication to social causes,” said Alisha Vijoy CHL’s marketing director.

The calendar reflects CHL's commitment to social responsibility, with each month dedicated to a specific cause, providing insights into the impactful projects and initiatives undertaken throughout the year. Teaming up with India Is Us (i2u) Social Foundation and star-performing NGOs, CHLs calendar aims to shed light on the causes that matter most in the journey towards a more developed and inclusive India," stated Anirud Mukola, Director CHL. 

From environmental sustainability to education and healthcare, the calendar serves as a visual representation of CHL's multifaceted engagement in creating positive societal change.

CHL's procedures and systems adhere to the highest international standards, holding certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and ISO 17100:2015. With a clientele exceeding 5,000, including multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises, and government establishments, CHL continues to be a trusted partner in delivering language and communication solutions worldwide. 

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Crystal Hues Limited is a language services and localization provider. The company delivers complete communication life-cycle services through its five specialized verticals namely CHL Localization focused on translation and localization, CHL Worldwide focused on integrated advertising, CHL Digital focused on digital marketing, CHL SofTech focused on building technology solutions and CHLEAR focused on delivering integrated business solutions. The procedures and systems practiced by Crystal Hues Limited are ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & ISO 17100:2015 certified and works with more than 5,000 clients, including large multinational companies, small and medium enterprises, and government establishments.