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Translation and language interpretation are the two things you need in this world that fast changing into a global village. Translation is basically changing the meaning of a text from one language to another. It is used for a number of purposes. Translation can be used for novels, plays, short stories to be published in languages different from the ones they are written in. It can also be used for other purposes as well. Movies, especially international movies use subtitles that must use the process of translating the dialogue. Further, advertisements and commercial PR exercises also require translation if the product is a foreign one. Subtitling too requires the knowledge of languages. These are just a few of the ways translation can be used.

Language interpretation is, more or less, same as translation. However, it is mainly used in court proceedings, diplomatic exchanges, press meets etc. It can be used in both one-to-one exchanges as well as collective ones. Interpretation can also prove to be helpful in news reading, giving speeches and so on. Here is a detailed look at some of the advantages associated with translation and language interpretation.

There are several benefits of language interpretation services as well. People who are involved in legal and judicial matters require interpretation services. Further business conclaves, international seminars and trans-national political conferences and meetings do require interpretation services. Transcription is mainly required in courts. Further films in foreign languages require voice-over and subtitling services. Language interpretation may be used in the following services:

Crystal Hues Limited is the best translation agency in Germany and in the UK. It provides all kinds of translation services in Germany and UK. It also provides language interpretation. CHL Localization is a part of Crystal Hues Limited, a complete communications company. It has a team of 300+ native language experts providing translation and localization services in more than 75 international languages.

As one of the top 10 language service providers in India, we are the proud recipient of ISO 9001:2008 certification and are consistent in delivering error-free services to our clients. We provide professional translation services in over 100 languages comprising Indian, Asian, European, and African languages. We implement various quality enhancement techniques to ensure accuracy in all our projects. You can conveniently and confidently communicate across cultures and expand your business, while we support you with our customized translation and localization services.

We have subject-matter experts and translators familiar with many industries and backgrounds. You can expect accurate results and high quality translations with every project. Our services include, but not limited to, over 100 languages in the world.

At CHL, you can expect accurate results regarding all your translation and localization needs. As a pioneering language translation company of Germany and the UK, we cater to all your requirements including:


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