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Advertisements today are not just a mere dissemination of information about your products and services to your target customers. It is a projection of your image, a brand building exercise, and a medium to project your differentiation to stay ahead of the competition. And it all starts from scratch. That is why Crystal Hues Limited (CHL) provides integrated advertising agency services to include the entire gamut of services that you require to deliver a comprehensive and all pervasive advertising and promotion campaign. Services offered by CHL include Creative services, Content services and Promotion services delivered across the various mediums of communication, be it conventional printing press, online internet media, multimedia avenues, events and on-road shows and events.

CHL’s Creative services include designing and developing logos, advertisements, brochures, websites, multimedia presentations etc., in any language you require. Content services include providing carefully chosen and appropriate content, translation and localization for your advertisements. The Promotion services include promoting your advertisements over the various mediums of communication, including on-field promotion and promotion over the internet.

Advertising services provided by Crystal Hues Limited (CHL) involves Mass Communication experts, Concept Developers, Visualizers, Copywriters, Graphic Designers and Domain experts in publishing technologies, multimedia, electronic media and internet technologies. CHL team of over 100 professionals also bring the marketing experience and consumer insights gained over the last 20 years to more than 2,000 clients across diverse fields.

Newspapers, Magazines:

Press advertisements reach out to a large audience, including the active as well as the passive type of customers. A specialized approach is required for developing press advertisements if they have to come in touch with distinct types of customers. Yes, Crystal Hues can make this larger effort a finer and closer experience for your customers by helping them build interest around your product.

Television, Radio:

Electronic forms of media such as the television and the radio are more expressive means of mass marketing to reach out to both the educated as well as the less educated customers. Though a form of ATL, electronic media has a different borderline from press advertisement and outdoor publicity, the expert advertisers at Crystal Hues have the right and relevant experience in addressing these intricacies of communication. We have the skills to assess and comprehend the larger but varied groups to be reached out to on the other side of the screen.

Outdoor publicity

Outdoor publicity looks at an audience, which is more diverse yet approachable. The challenge is to place messages and graphics customized to the specific outdoor environment. Visually comforting, appealing, and necessity-driven are some of the underlying canons of publicity that Crystal Hues uses while generating outdoor publicity for your products. Crystal Hues is involved in creating extensive outdoor publicity for clients. We have got specialized knowledge in bringing out billboards, hoardings, banners, signboards, wall paintings, etc.

Comprehensive and integrated advertising is the necessity today, when differentiation, experience and emotion are the only relevant tools for advertising. CHL teams of professionals and domain experts deliver Advertising services across various geographic markets and mediums of communication be it the conventional press, or digital media, electronic media and internet media and cut across language and culture of any country. CHL Advertising services are geared to deliver the best available in the industry and at surprisingly reasonable costs.

How to make your advertising
work better?

CHL Worldwide's Advertising strategy

A good advertising strategy lays a strong foundation for a successful advertising campaign. It lays down rules about the look, feel and the communication of an advertising campaign.

At CHL Worldwide, a lot of emphasis is laid on understanding the task better. We spend time finding out whys, whats and hows before getting on to work.

Our team has experienced advertising strategists who have worked on several acclaimed campaigns.

While making an advertising strategy for an advertising campaign, we begin with these questions:

1. Is it necessary?

2. Why are we doing it?

3. Who are we talking to?

4. How can we make the campaign sustainable and memorable?

5. What mediums work the best?

Advertising company India

With advertising, it is necessary to find the right “media mix” with tactics, which may include billboards, online advertising, magazines, TV, radio, and direct mail rather than being dependent on only one form of media.

Our effective advertising strategy includes:

We start by developing an understanding of where your particular product or service currently stands in the market regarding both perception and demand.

Our ad strategy can be broken down into four steps:

As marketing, advertising also includes knowing your target audience. It means knowing how your target audience spends their free time, what they prefer to read, where they likely work, where they tend to go online, and even things like what color t-shirts they like to wear.

At CHL the best advertising company India, we also include a determination of:


The advertising campaign itself is different from the ad strategy, but the strategy means to guide the implementation. Artwork, copy, images, music all aspects of the campaign should reflect the strategy throughout. This is especially important when multiple channels are used like television, print, and direct mail, for instance. To achieve a maximum coherence, we develop a unifying thematic expressed as an image, a slogan, or a combination that is central to all the elements and ultimately reach the consumer.

Why Us?

At Crystal Hues Limited we work with you to define your strategy online and your digital marketing goals, incorporate them within your wider business objectives.

We are flexible and adapt to your requirements, from identifying your goals to executing the digital plan, we customize each campaign to the client and deliver results.

We find and target relevant potential audiences, with content that resonates with them and provides engagement, with full social channel and community management services available. We define common parameters on your existing market base and include these characteristics to increase your target audiences.

CHL the renowned advertising company India, build your presence online, creating the right content for the right platforms, which influences your followers and enables growth. We keep your online community growing as we feed the conversations happening in these channels.

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