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A website is the first thing that your customers tend to notice about your company. It is at a once a brand building exercise as well as a storehouse of information for your services. While each website is different from another, there are, nonetheless, certain common features that your website must have.

First, your website must be attractive in nature. Remember the website from the Nineties? They were utterly boring and not user-friendly at all. One should remember that a website is the primary interface between the user and the brand. As such, it should be nicely made and attractively packaged.

Secondly, a website should also be dynamic and not static. Using Flash design techniques is a good way to make your website stand out. Flash website designers create visually stunning, highly interactive websites that require very low bandwidth. Good Flash websites load faster, give fabulous user experience and have a strong visual impact on the users. Companies now prefer Flash websites to traditional websites, which are static in nature. Additionally, Flash websites are known for beautiful graphics and their interactive user interface. A high level of animation is also involved.

Thirdly, a good website must contain all the information necessary. Information regarding services, clients, products, contact number and location (if the brand in question is a retail brand) should all be provided in the landing page of the website.

Finally, a good website design also involves great content. Content should succinct but engaging and informative. It should contain, as mentioned before, all the necessary information regarding the services, but at the same time should be well presented.

There are undoubtedly several website designing companies in USA. But, Crystal Hues Limited (CHL) Digital is undoubtedly the best website designing company in USA. CHL Digital, a specialized vertical of the parent company, CHL is the one-stop solution for all your website designing needs. CHL is a leading communications life-cycle management services company that provides out-of-the-box creative and strategic solutions to its customers. CHL is divided into 4 verticals including: CHL Worldwide, an advertising agency, CHL Digital, a digital marketing company, CHL Localization, a provider of translation and localization services and CHL Softech, a provider of IT services.

Its procedures are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Its commitment to the digital industry and superior services have won it accolades from leading international companies such as Dun & Bradstreet, Gala Global, DNV and UKAS. Established in the year 1989, it has a young and dynamic team of more than 70 marketing strategists, content developers, designers and IT professionals.

As one of the best website designing company in USA, CHL provides a number of useful services related to website. They include the following;

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