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CHL Worldwide's Brand building strategy

Every product aspires to become an immortal brand. There are several factors for a brand to become successful. Besides product quality, distribution and marketing, a brand's success also depends on the personality created for it. Creating this personality is called brand building. At CHL Worldwide, we work closely with the client to understand the pulse of the brand better. We believe that brand building is a constant process. One cannot just build brands on basis of few advertisements. Packaging, brand name, colours, look and feel of the communication, buzz around the brand, target audience, brand endorsers are a few of the many factors that create a brand.

While creating a brand strategy, here are a few questions to think about:

1. Who is my brand talking to?

2. Where will my brand be available?

3. Who would be an ideal personality to endorse my brand?

4. Where do I see my brand after 5 years?

Brand building strategy

We often ask ourselves, 'What is brand building?' Is it just a jargon used to impress the world; or a communication necessity? Marketing and communication pundits, in reality, spend a major chunk of their time and energy on creating a brand's strategy, they believe this is the foundation of every successful communication campaign.

Brand building strategy maps the journey of a brand from the time it is born to its growth. It clearly lays down the rules regarding what the brand is going to look like, what is it going to say, what is it going to feel like, who is the brand going to talk to, where is it going to communicate, what is the best message, how can it win over more customers, how to deliver the same message across various mediums like television commercials, prints ads, outdoors, leaflets, Internet to just about anything.

CHL Worldwide is your complete advertising partner which helps you create a brand strategy that lays out the success path of your brand. While working on a brand's strategy, we begin by creating its personality, we work out who the target audience is and how to reach them in the best possible manner, within the best possible budget.

All said and done, before you begin advertising for your band, make sure your brand's strategy is in place, it will save a lot of time, money and effort for you. Now and in future!

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