Senior Project Coordinator

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Job Description:

Designation: Project Lead/ Team Lead

Working hours: 7 hours per day

Working Days: Monday - Friday



  1. Align and Manage Team Members
  2. Pitch to the corporate 
  3. On-board corporate to manage their donation/ CSR drives
  4. Manage donation/CSR drives of existing clients
  5. Draft impact reports/ proposals
  6. Design responsive programs
  7. Identify and supervise implementing partners 
  8. Establish process for payments
  9. Design and maintain communication and outreach of corporate and their activities


Preferred Skills:

  1. Good oral and written communication
  2. One or more years of experience in managing donation drives
  3. Two – Three years of Team player experience
  4. Experienced in making excels and managing budgets sheets
  5. Strong interpersonal skills to make and build relations with corporate/ Ngo and other stakeholders
  6. Good Leadership Qualities
  7. Creative in designing events



Project Management, Team Lead, Leadership