Business Development Manager (For Translation & Localization Industry)

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Job Description:

  1. Lead Generation and Prospecting:

    • Objective: Identify and qualify potential clients who have shown interest but have not yet converted into customers.
    • Key Metrics: Number of new leads generated, conversion rate of leads into opportunities.
  2. Follow-up and Relationship Building:

    • Objective: Nurture relationships with non-converted leads through consistent follow-up and communication.
    • Key Metrics: Frequency of follow-up interactions, response rate from leads, engagement levels.
  3. Sales Pipeline Management:

    • Objective: Manage the pipeline of non-converted leads effectively to move them through the sales process.
    • Key Metrics: Pipeline velocity (time from lead generation to conversion), pipeline conversion rate.
  4. Client Needs Analysis and Proposal Development:

    • Objective: Understand the specific needs and requirements of non-converted leads and tailor proposals accordingly.
    • Key Metrics: Number of proposals submitted, proposal acceptance rate.
  5. Market Research and Competitive Analysis:

    • Objective: Continuously monitor the market, competitors, and industry trends to position the agency effectively.
    • Key Metrics: Market share analysis, competitive intelligence gathered.
  6. Performance Reporting and Analysis:

    • Objective: Provide regular reports and analysis on the status of non-converted leads, reasons for non-conversion, and actionable insights.
    • Key Metrics: Analysis of lead engagement metrics, reasons for lost opportunities, recommendations for improvement.
  7. Training and Development:

    • Objective: Continuously improve sales skills and knowledge of the translation and localization industry.
    • Key Metrics: Participation in training programs, application of new skills in lead management.
  8. Client Feedback and Satisfaction:

    • Objective: Gather feedback from non-converted leads to understand areas for improvement and enhance client satisfaction.
    • Key Metrics: Client feedback scores, improvement in client satisfaction over time.
  9. Cross-functional Collaboration:

    • Objective: Collaborate with marketing, operations, and other teams to align strategies and support lead conversion efforts.
    • Key Metrics: Successful cross-functional projects/initiatives supporting lead conversion.
  10. Revenue and Growth Targets:

    • Objective: Contribute to the agency’s revenue growth by converting non-converted leads into paying customers.
    • Key Metrics: Achievement of revenue targets from converted non-converted leads.



1. Industry Knowledge 2. Sales and Negotiation Skills 3. Communication Skills 4. Relationship Management 5. Cultural Sensitivity 6. Project Management 7. Technical Proficiency 8. Strategic Thinking 9. Adaptability and Resilience 10. Teamwork and Collaboration