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Clinical trial translation services in India are your go-to resource to navigate the global world of clinical trials. At Crystal Hues Limited, we combine precision with perfect translations in more than 200 languages.

More than merely translating, our clinical trial translation agency redefines terms used in clinical trial terminology. Our certified Clinical trial translation services communicate not only the facts but also the spirit of your inventive finding. Our linguistic masters skillfully combine language with good knowledge of the medical intricacies to ensure that your original document do not loses its authenticity while retaining their scientific integrity.

The time is of the essence in clinical trials since it moves at high speeds. With the oversight of expert project managers, our clinical trial translation company delivers on time without compromising on the accuracy of the document.

At Crystal Hues Limited, medical research needs and language proficiency are merged. Our clinical trial translation company enables efficient communication among participants from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds in the clinical trials.

Marathi Translation

Why Select Our Trial Translation Agency?

Clinical Trial Translation involves the accurate translation of important records related to clinical research while bearing cultural intricacies in mind. This includes a range of items, including informed consent forms, study protocols, legal documents, patient recruitment tools, and others. However, in a multilingual and heterogeneous nation such as India, effective translation ensures that all stakeholders involved in clinical research can read the material without difficulty.

Clinical Trial Translation Services In India

Our certified Clinical trial translation company offers a range of services tailored specifically for your needs. We ensure that every translation, whether ‘translation of study protocols and informed consent forms’ or ‘language validation in PROs for regulatory submission help’, meets high standards of accuracy and compliance.

Among the document types in which we are experts are:
Financial Transcriptions

Study Protocol

E-Learning Transcriptions

Forms for Case Reports (CRFs)

IT Transcriptions

Clinical Outcomes Evaluation

Legal Translations

Overviews of Protocols

Marketing Transcriptions

Patient Record/Diary

Medical Transcriptions

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs)

Technical Transcriptions

Hospital Pamphlets

Technical Transcriptions

Medical Records

Technical Transcriptions

Reports of Medical Events

Technical Transcriptions

Forms for Informed Consent (ICF)

Technical Transcriptions

Questionnaires for Patients

Gaming Transcriptions

Gaming Transcriptions

Why select our Clinical Trial Translation Agency?

Our Clinical trial translation agency is known for its unwavering commitment to quality. We pay great attention to our clients’ satisfaction. Our lines of communication are always open. We follow the time schedule and take an individual approach per each project needs. Our history of numerous successful collaborations on all kinds of clinical studies speaks for itself about our broad experience and shows that we are a reliable partner.


Our team is made up of qualified linguists, subject matter specialists and project managers who have knowledge in medical pharmaceutical jargon.

Cultural Sensitivity

Our Clinical trial translation services in India know the importance of cultural nuances and try to guide translations that will effectively connect with local stakeholders.

Regulatory Compliance:

We monitor the regulatory requirements to ensure that our translations meet all necessary conditions for clinical trials.

Timely and Accurate

It is important to us that the delivery should be fast without compromising on quality and accuracy of our translations.

Our translation company is the best resource for research universities, sponsors and CROs. With proficiency in languages and subject expertise, we support smoother passage of clinical trials.

We also offer certified Medical Translation Services In India.

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Our company provides comprehensive translation and linguistic validation services such as patient-reported outcomes, regulatory submissions, informed consent documents, protocols.

Our Clinical trial translation agency offers precise and accurate translation of clinical trials. Our team consists of subject matter specialists, experienced linguists that have medical expertise.

As a matter of fact, we provide translation in more than 200 languages. We offer effective interlanguage communication for global clinical trials.

Due to our deep knowledge of regulatory regulations of various countries, we can ensure that all translated material meets the necessary requirements for trouble-free interactions with your target country’s regulatory bodies.

Confidentiality is our highest priority. We keep hidden information safe during the translation process using secure protocols as well confidential agreements.