Hindi Translation Company India

Hindi, one of the 22 official Indian languages, is spoken mainly in the Northern part of India, and is widely understood all across India. Hindi is considered the third most spoken language in the world.

It is difficult to identify the Hindi speaking regions in India. However, the main areas include Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, parts of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka. Internationally, Hindi speaking population is found in Mauritius, Fiji, Guyana, Trinidad, UAE, Yemen, South Africa, Singapore, Uganda, Nepal, Germany, UK, US, Australia & New Zealand. More than 200 million people in India regard Hindi as their mother tongue. Another 300 million use it as second language. Hindi speakers exceed 8 million in Nepal; 100,000 in USA; 690,000 in Mauritius; 900,000 in South Africa; 250,000 in Yemen; 150,000 in Uganda; 30,000 in Germany and 20,000 in New Zealand.

Hindi uses the Devanagri Script, which originated from Brahmi alphabet.


Crystal Hues Hindi language services include translation and localization services. A pioneer of translation and localization in Hindi language in India since 1989, Crystal Hues was formed by a team of highly professional language and domain experts zealously pursuing and delivering high quality services through the use of latest technologies and tools like SDL Trados Studio 2009, Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop, FrameMaker, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, FrontPage, and of course popular MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Crystal Hues Limited is anISO 9001:2008 certified translation company in India.

Hindi translation is required to connect with the masses in northern states in India. Our services include translation into Hindi language. The translation is done by native Hindi translators, who have more than 10 years of professional Hindi translation experience.

We provide Hindi voice-overs, transcription and subtitling services. As a leading translation and localization company in India and having pioneered translation and localization activities in Indian languages, our services have set high standards in Indian Translation services, particularly for translation in Hindi language and other Indian languages.

Our translators are capable of providing high quality translations for various domains and industries including Telecommunication, Information Technology (IT), Medical (Health care, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical research), Financial, Manufacturing, Legal, Education, e-commerce, e-learning, etc. We ensure spare capacity to make next-day-delivery for small projects and can handle 10,000 words per day for larger projects. We are working with more than 1200 clients, which include leading international companies and Indian companies on a regular basis. We deliver about 40 projects every day with 99% on-time-deliveries and ensure that it is well within your budget.

Our facilities include in-house translators, editors, proof readers for Hindi language translation combined with domain specialists to handle files for printing, websites, voice-overs, subtitling, etc. The domain experts include Graphic designers, DTP specialists, website designers, website engineers, multimedia specialists, animation specialists, transcription professionals, programmers, engineers, etc.


  • English to Hindi translation and localization
  • Hindi to English translation and localization
  • Bengali to Hindi translation and localization
  • Hindi to Bengali translation and localization
  • Gujarati to Hindi translation and localization
  • Hindi to Gujarati translation and localization
  • Assamese to Hindi translation and localization
  • Hindi to Assamese translation and localization
  • Punjabi (Panjabi) to Hindi translation and localization
  • Hindi to Punjabi (Panjabi) translation and localization