CHL Conducts In-Person Annual Business Meet 2022 After 2 Years

CHL Conducts In-Person Annual Business Meet 2022 After 2 Years

Summary: CHL conducted its Annual Business Meet 2022with leaders of all the four verticals presenting their business report for the previous year and the strategies for new financial year.

Like most companies, Crystal Hues Limited (CHL) also went with digital platforms in 2020 and 2021 to conduct its annual business meets during the pandemic. After what felt like an eternity, CHLites have finally been able to meet and greet each other at the successfully conducted in-person Annual Business Meet 2022 at their Noida, NSEZ office on 8th and 9th April 2022. 

The review of the financial year gone by revealed interesting facts. CHL had another great year in successionin spite of worldwide economic and pandemic challenges with lot of innovation and adoption new processes and technologies. The assembled business heads discussed strategies to keep the winning streak going for the upcoming financial year. 

Vertical heads and employees from all the four verticals viz. CHL Localization, CHL Softech, CHL Digital, CHL Worldwide and CHLEAR were present at the event. Key dignitaries from each vertical presented projections versus achievements actuals for the financial year 2021-2022, projections for the next quarters, manpower planning, challenges, and proposed solutions for those challenges. 

CHL President, Head of Corporate Communications, CEO Softech, CEO CHLEAR, CHL Localization Business Heads, Zonal Head, ADM, Marketing Head, CFO, HR Manager, MI, CHL Localization Branch Heads, GAMs, LSP Head, Business Director CHLEAR, Brand Manager, Account Manager, Brand Strategy, Studio Head, I2U Director, Language Lead, were among other employees present at the meet. 

CHL President Sudheen M addressed CHLites in the charged-up sessions. He inspired CHLites to explore the leader within them and said, “We are ready to help you explore your skills and talent. CHL is the best ecosystem that supports you to try out your ideatogether with the team. We may fail but shouldn’t stop us from trying. Let us explore new opportunities together. CHL is not a club of managers but entrepreneurs and leaders”.

Vice President Shailesh Kumar asked CHLites to not consider the annual business meeting as just a formal meet-up at the onset of a new financial year starts. He requested them to consider it a growth opportunity for themselves. “It is a report card of your performance during the entire year, and more importantly, it is a reset button for orbit change. At every business meet, we must set milestones. Not the goal, as goals is a word with infinite scope,” he further elaborated. 

About Crystal Hues: 
Crystal Hues Limited is uniquely positioned as the ideal communications partner providing complete communication life-cycle services through its five specialized verticals namely CHL Localization focused on translation and localization, CHL Worldwide focused on integrated advertising, CHL Digital focused on digital marketing, CHL SofTech focused on building technology solutions and CHLEAR focused on delivering integrated business solutions. The procedures and systems practiced by Crystal Hues Limited are ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & ISO 17100:2015 certified and works with more than 5,000 clients, including large multinational companies, small and medium enterprises, and government establishments