CHLEAR Dawn of a New Advertising Marketing Solutions in India

CHLEAR Dawn of a New Advertising Marketing Solutions in India

‘CHLEAR’, an initiative by Crystal Hues, consists of a team of super specialists that delivers growth driven advertising and digital solutions in India and abroad.

The best of companies and brands are struggling to keep up in this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world. Add to this cauldron, the complexities of diverse languages, cultures, religions, demographics, etc. and you have a recipe that is impossible to get right. In their pursuit to find the best-fit solution, brands are experimenting with multiple agencies to execute their marketing objectives. And in the process, the primary goal of the business is lost in the multitude of solutions.

How to fix this? How to execute all kinds of solutions under one roof? How to execute ROI-driven results? How to create long lasting relationships that are built on trust? These were some of the primary questions that were considered while building the visions of ‘CHLEAR’.

Shailesh Kumar and Sudheen M understood these complexities like the back of their hand and co-founded 'CHLEAR', a native solution geared to meet the unique Indian marketing and advertising needs. With over four decades of experience between them in delivering marketing and advertising solutions, 'CHLEAR' fuses traditional advertising with futuristic elements like AI, big data, localized content to deliver deep brand reach, recall and connect.

‘CHLEAR’ envisions a leadership umbrella under which every communication need of their clients would be taken care of by using the experts of its four different verticals - CHL Localization, CHL Worldwide, CHL Softech and CHL Digital.

"The market trends and demands are ever fluctuating and with ever-growing need, customers want to try something new - be it in terms of technology or service. Nothing remains constant for more than two-three years and brand recall vanishes without a fresh new approach. The allure of heading an organisation focused on integrated marketing solutions propelled me to Crystal Hues Limited and its four business verticals, which is among the top three companies in India providing localization and marketing communications working with more than 5,000 companies for over 3 decades", said Shailesh Kumar, CEO of CHLEAR.

"With Sudheen's impassioned support of my vision, 'CHLEAR' has the unique advantage of integrating localization with marketing and advertising services including capabilities like localized ads, voice-over, localized website, subtitles, multilingual SEO and other vernacular marketing content. We worked on the proof-of-concept for over three years with multiple brands across diverse categories and received fantastic reviews from our clients. The organisation focuses on the individual growth of every employee while prioritizing the exponential growth of our clients. An open, honest and trustworthy environment has been the cornerstone of our positive and exuberant work environment. The rare professional resources in the organisation love challenges and will go to any lengths to master them', he added.

"The clients' marketing communication needs can be met only through the right mix of experienced professionals who use their specialised domain expertise to not only create most effective strategy optimizing cross-media solutions but also have the integrated ability to deliver on those strategies", said Sudheen, President, Crystal Hues Limited, highlighting the changing dynamics of the marketing communications industry.

"The idea of digital marketing now encompasses a deep understanding of conventional advertising without which the advertising spend will underperform to the point of being ineffective", said Abhijit Shyandilya, Head Strategist.

"Advertising has been my passion and it is thrilling to see the magic of fusion between traditional advertising and digital technologies, especially when you have the right blend of professional team members to work with,'' added Sanjay Williams, CEO CHL Worldwide.

Currently, Shailesh Kumar also serves as the Group CEO of CHL Digital, CHL Worldwide & CHL Softech.

‘CHLEAR’ is the brainchild of Shailesh Kumar along with Sudheen M, President & Co-founder, Crystal Hues. Crystal Hues Limited is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 17100:2015 certified and works with more than 5,000 clients, including large multinational companies, small and medium enterprises and government establishments. The company came into inception in 1989 and incorporated as a public limited company in 1995. Currently the organization is spread across 7 offices in Asia with more than 150 in-house domain experts and over 35 associates all around the world.

The company has four specialised verticals - CHL Localization, CHL Worldwide, CHL Softech and CHL Digital. ‘CHLEAR’ will work as an umbrella develop an integrated communication strategy and align the best resources from the specialised verticals for the execution and monitoring of the strategy.

Headquartered in Bangalore, ‘CHLEAR’ currently expands their expertise into the following horizons of marketing and branding.

  2) Performance Marketing & Automation
  3) Content Marketing & PR
  4) Digital Marketing & Solutions
  5) Events & BTL
  6) Interactive Solutions

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