Crystal Hues 2021 Calendar Highlights 12 Social Causes of India Is Us

Crystal Hues 2021 Calendar Highlights 12 Social Causes of India Is Us

Summary:Crystal Hues Limited’s 2021 calendar, prepared in association with its initiative India Is Us, highlights the pressing need to address the population explosion in the country. The calendar also continues with their 'Contribute #OneDayForFuture' drive to encourage community participation in social development.

New Delhi, Friday, January 19 2021:

As per current projections, India is set to surpass China as the world’s most populous country by 2027. Certainly, the growing population will create an adverse impact on the Indian economy and resources. From the country’s flora and fauna taking a direct hit to the impact on the infrastructure under the immense pressure of sustaining a large population, the effects are going to be multiple. The ripple effects of this will also be visible on the socio-cultural aspect of the country. We need to awaken now before it is too late.

To highlight this pressing issue, CHL and India Is Us have themed their 2021 calendar on the drastic impact of population explosion. Through twelve months of the year, the calendar highlights the adverse impact on the twelve social causes due to population with an aim to create awareness, educate, encourage, and motivate people to come together to address the issue.

The calendar also continues with the 'Contribute #OneDayForFuture' drive to encourage people to connect with over 70 NGOs associated with India Is Us, which strives to awaken the spirit of giving in the society.

You can check the calendar here:

India Is Us, the CSR support initiative of Crystal Hues Limited, helps NGOs communicate better, connect with CSR initiatives of corporates, and reach out to the right audience and right resources. India Is Us helps maximise the impact of the NGOs projects and initiatives.

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