Sudheen M Lauds Tech Innovations at KaniTamil24 Event

Sudheen M Lauds Tech Innovations at KaniTamil24 Event

New Delhi, April 4, 2024

KaniTamil24, hosted by the Government of Tamil Nadu, illuminated the rich heritage and cultural significance of the Tamil language. Among the esteemed panelists contributing to the event was Sudheen M, President of CHL and also the elected President of language industry association CITLoB. His address drew attention to technological advancements by both government establishments and private players.

During his address, Sudheen M. emphasized the transformative impact of technology on natural language processing. He commended government initiatives such as Anuvad and Bhashini, along with translation solutions extensively used in e-governance, and the digitization of official documents like land records, now accessible via mobile platforms.

Furthermore, Sudheen highlighted the pivotal role played by private technology firms in developing solutions to facilitate language processing, underscoring their contributions to the field.

The presence of Sudheen M as a speaker at KaniTamil24 added depth and insight to the event. His remarks on the language industry's potential for collaboration and the importance of skill development and job opportunities for the youth resonated strongly with conference attendees, further enhancing the event's impact.

KaniTamil24, organized by the Tamil Virtual Academy, served as a poignant reminder of Tamil's rich legacy, with historical records dating back to 200 BC and over 90 million speakers worldwide. As an official language in countries such as Singapore and Sri Lanka, Tamil continues to thrive, fostering cultural connections across borders and generations.

About Tamil Virtual Academy:

The Tamil Virtual Academy is dedicated to promoting the Tamil language and culture through various initiatives, including educational programs, technological innovations, and cultural events. With a mission to preserve and propagate Tamil heritage, the Academy serves as a vital platform for language enthusiasts and scholars worldwide.

About Crystal Hues Limited (CHL):

Crystal Hues Limited is a language services and localization provider. The company delivers complete communication life-cycle services through its five specialized verticals namely CHL Localization focused on translation and localization, CHL Worldwide focused on integrated advertising, CHL Digital focused on digital marketing, CHL SofTech focused on building technology solutions and CHLEAR focused on delivering integrated business solutions. The procedures and systems practiced by Crystal Hues Limited are ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & ISO 17100:2015 certified and works with more than 5,000 clients, including large multinational companies, small and medium enterprises, and government establishments. DC:

The KaniTamil24 event by the Government of Tamil Nadu highlights the intersection of technology and culture, showcasing the strides made in Tamil language processing while celebrating its rich heritage. Sudheen M, President of Crystal Hues and elected representative of language industry association CITLoB, spoke on the collaborative efforts by government and private players in driving innovative solutions for the processing and preservation in the Tamil language.

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