Transcending Barriers: Celebrating the Transgender Community

Transcending Barriers: Celebrating the Transgender Community

On 9 Feb 2023, Crystal Hues Limited (CHL) successfully held its first ever transgender awareness workshop in association with India Is Us (i2u) as implementation partner, the Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust (Tweet Foundation), and Dr. Anita Prasad as Guest of Honour.

Members of the Tweet Foundation were graciously welcomed at the venue by CHL

As a mark of appreciation and honour, India Is Us presented Mr. Sudheen Mukola, President, CHL with a shawl.

CHL Country head, Anirud Mukola graciously welcomed the guest of honour Dr. Anita Prasad with a shawl.

The workshop, which was held under the aegis of SPECTRUM, CHLs social response platform, aimed to raise awareness and support for the transgender community by providing a safe space to share experiences, engage in open dialogue, and learn how they can take their rightful place in the workspace and society.

A key driver for the workshop, Dr. Anita Prasad, formerly (previous name) shared her own experiences as a member of the trans community. Dr. Anita Prasad, who is based out of Munich Germany, is a software developer by profession. She has been a vocal advocate for the transgender community for years. The humiliation, barriers, and challenges she faced led her to grow stronger, eventually enabling her to transform her physical self to match her emotional and mental identity as a woman. Now, Dr. Anita Prasad is back in India to help others in the trans community learn from her own experiences, while bringing awareness to the general public about the challenges trans persons face in everyday life.

TWEET Foundation's spokespersons shared their journey working for the transgender community, emphasizing their work for the transmen community and the difficulties that they face.

Eleven members of the transgender community participated in the workshop, which included a keynote address by Dr. Anita Prasad, and insightful tips to help the participants take charge of their own lives. 

A fun contest was conducted for the participants, in which they were given sketch pens and sheets of paper to pen their thoughts and share their takeaways from the experiences shared by the NGO and Dr. Anita Prasad.

Winners of the contest were presented with prizes.

Crystal Hues feliicatated members of the Tweet Foundation with shawls as a mark of respect, and boxes of confectionery.

The guest of honor, Dr. Anita Prasad was presented with a handbag as a token of respect by Crystal Hues.

All attendees were presented with a commemorative giveaway of mobile holders and seed pens.

All the attendees took a pledge to keep working for this noble cause. to motivate them to speak up on behalf of the Pride community. 

A photo session was conducted at the end of the event to capture some beautiful memories.

The enthusiastic participation of all attendees helped make the workshop a grand success. 

"Im so glad I came. Everything I learned today fills me with confidence and gives me hope for the future.” said Bobby G (name changed on request).

The event was part of i2u's ongoing commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its activities.  CHL employees got the opportunity to engage with members of the transgender community, learn about their lives, and lend their support to them. "We are—and will always be—dedicated to supporting the needs of underserved communities and advocating for their rights and welfare.” said Alisha Vijoy, Head, CHL


India is Us (i2u)

India Is Us (i2u Social Foundation), the Implementing Partner for the transgender workshop, is an NGO support ecosystem focused on assisting companies achieve their CSR goals by working with verified NGOs.

i2u works with diverse NGOs across India on twelve priority causes, including literacy and education, health and nutrition, environmental conservation, women empowerment, poverty alleviation, care for the elderly, animal welfare, skill development, inclusivity for people with disability, child welfare, WASH and heritage.

i2u supports NGOs by helping them perform better through capacity building, sustainable growth, donor and volunteer mobilization.


Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust (TWEET) aka Tweet Foundation is a community-based organization in India. Based out of New Delhi and Mumbai, the foundation was established by seven trans activists in 2017 to serve the young trans movement in India.

TWEET especially focuses on the transmen community that faces extreme gender-based violence and has been highly ignored. TWEET is a completely trans-led organization and as pioneers for the movement in India, represents equal partnership among transmen & transwomen. The organization came into existence to support work specifically on issues that had not been addressed in other larger HIV or advocacy programmes in the past in India.

This event served as a reminder that people from the transgender community are often marginalized and forgotten. They have to struggle to make their way in society and face discrimination on a daily basis.


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