Print advertising


Print advertising is perhaps the most traditional and the most widely used advertising medium. It is still believed to be the most effective way to communicate about a product or service. A typical print ad will have a visual to catch your attention, a headline which intrigues you and a body copy which explains the product or service. It can be adapted to various sizes and various languages.

A print ad can appear in a newspaper, a magazine, a tabloid or any publication which is printed and circulated for the masses.

So how is a print ad created? Ideally, first, an advertising strategy is worked out and it is decided who the brand is talking to and what is its key message. Then an art person and a copywriter sit together and work out an interesting way to communicate the features of the brand. They think of a single interesting idea which can be adapted into multiple ads (known as a campaign). Once an ad is created and approved by the client, media space is bought across various publications and the ad gets printed.

Though print ads are the most preferred medium of advertisers, it has its own shortcomings. It is not experiential like internet advertising and it has a short shelf life. For effective advertising communication, one needs to supplement a print campaign with other mediums too.

CHL Worldwide over these years has crafted some impressive print advertising campaigns for its clients. These campaigns have been successfully supplemented with television commercials, internet promotions, direct mailers and a lot more.

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