Facts about Website Localization

Facts about Website Localization

Have you come across the term web localization and wondering what it is? Then this post is for you.

In the online world, a website is a place where it all happens. Either you are providing information or trying to sell your products, a website is a must. With the growing usage of internet across the world, people’s interest in websites that communicate in a culturally appropriate way is on the rise. And this is where web localization comes into play.

Website localization is the act of designing a website in a culturally acceptable way for a target audience of a specific reason. It involves translating the text into the target audience’s language, using culturally appropriate terms and symbols of your target audience, and designing other aspects of the site in a way that fits the local culture.

Now, you might wonder why you should take that effort of localizing your site while your current sales are good. To clear the cloud of misinformation, here are four facts about website localization that will make you rethink.

  • Preference to Native Language Statistics show that 72.1% of internet users prefer to visit websites that are in their native language. Another stat shows that 90% of online shoppers prefer the native language when it is available on a website. And 78% of online shoppers will surely purchase if the website is localized. Though English is the dominant language on the internet, the stats indicate that if you have a localized website, it improves your sales and visibility among your target audience.
  • Go Global When you have a localized website, reaching international customers becomes easy. As English is not the preferred language in many countries, with web localization, you can make entry into an international market easily. With a localized website, your business will gain the trust of the locals, which is very important when operating in an international market.
  • Competitive Advantage Localization makes your website compete with the local businesses and your competitors back home. It provides a competitive advantage, unlike other aspects, as web localization touches the emotional aspect of the audience. If your competitors are offering their services in English in a Spanish-dominant market, you can localize to the Spanish language and gain competitive advantage.
  • Benefits SEO While English keywords dominate the online space, there is a major SEO advantage if your site has translated text. While targeting a particular international market, by having the local language keywords, you can boost your search result in that region. Also, the more you include foreign keywords on your site, your domain authority increases.
Where to Get Website Localization?

If you have made up your mind to utilise the power of website localization services, you need a good localization service provider.

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  • Graphic designs that are culturally appropriate
  • Website layout and colour scheme that appeals to your target audience and more such services

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