How It Has Become Important to Integrate Marketing with Digital Marketing

How It Has Become Important to Integrate Marketing with Digital Marketing

As a business, your main concern must be to make your product visible to the consumers. Without knowledge of your products, consumers are unlikely to purchase them.

Advertising your product in newspapers, TV, and other traditional marketing channels will make customers notice your products. But, with this strategy, you are only scratching the surface.

In this digitized world, you need to market your products on channels where most consumers are. A myriad of digital platforms is now hosting millions of consumers. Aiming for their attention should be your goal. And here lies the importance of digital marketing services.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shun traditional marketing. People are still watching TV, and billboards are everywhere. Traditional marketing still has its utility. All you need to do is to integrate marketing with digital marketing.

Here are some ways how you can integrate both into your marketing mix.

1.Print Ads with Digital Accounts

Feature your digital accounts such as your website, social media accounts, etc., on all your marketing collaterals. Be it business cards, brochures, billboards, etc., make sure that your digital addresses are present on them. As more people are willing to know about your business through social media, providing them with print materials is a good strategy.  

2.Use TV Ads to Draw People To Your Website

TV viewership is not going to fall anytime soon. It is a fast and effective marketing channel. So, use TV ads to increase traffic to your website. Place the details of your website and mention the same on the TV ads. Or mention the specific landing page where people can get more information about your product.

3.Use Online Traffic to Draw People To Your Physical Store

Another way where you can integrate marketing with digital marketing is to bring consumers to your physical store. It is a misconception that with the rise of online sales, physical stores are out. Many people still prefer visiting a store to buy a product. As many such people will be visiting your site for information, make sure that these people find and visit your stores. Include store locator features, Google business listing, etc., for the purpose.

4.Use Digital Channels to Generate Leads

Contact details of prospective customers can be collected via your website or social media sites. You can pass on the details to your sales team to follow the leads. Include data filling pages, sign up for newsletter features, etc., on your website for the purpose.

To beat the competition and stay at the top of your game, you need to use every avenue available. Thus, you should not look at traditional marketing and digital marketing as two separate activities. You should integrate both into your marketing mix for better results.

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