How Subtitling Can Actually Change the Whole Conversation

How Subtitling Can Actually Change the Whole Conversation

Set in the backdrop of 1970s Mexico, the film Roma touched the hearts of the audience. The film has universal elements to convey.

Though the film was released in Spanish, it was applauded across the globe. This was possible due to the power of subtitling. It enabled the audience across the world to appreciate the movie.

Beautiful conversations indeed happen when there is clarity. In the business world where marketing is a way of conversing with the customers, clarity is lacking. This is prominently visible in the digital world where video marketing is the new conversational tool.

Changing The Conversation

For Business

Every other business has taken to video marketing either to promote their brand, gain the trust of the customer, or to promote their products. But, how often their strategies have started any meaningful conversations?

Here, meaningful conversation is the audience visiting the website, engaging with the business, and becoming a loyal customer. All of this will help the business become profitable.

Social media is the major platform where businesses are posting their videos. A study from the American Press Institute shows that 85% of Facebook users watch a video without sound. If this is the case with Facebook, we can only assume that it is the same with most other social media sites.

Here lies the importance of subtitles. It will show the audience what you are trying to convey and start that conversation.

Also, if you are trying to go global or reach a wider audience with your videos, subtitles come handy. With subtitles, native language speakers can understand your videos even if the audio is in another language.

For Learning

You can also consider subtitles for your employee training videos or in educational videos for better learning.

Educational videos with subtitles are proven to enhance the learning abilities of the students. They engage the students, make learning fun and interactive, and helps students to focus on the subject matter. Also, students will have access to better educational resources through subtitled videos.
For Hearing Impaired

Currently, there are an estimated 466 million hearing-impaired across the world. The number is expected to grow to 900 million by 2050. With subtitles, businesses have an opportunity to start a conversation with them.

Aiding Businesses In The Conversation

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Our professional approach to subtitling involves understanding the need of the client, putting in place an experienced team, utilizing the technological capabilities, and delivering great results.