How to Design a Business Card: The Ultimate Guide

How to Design a Business Card: The Ultimate Guide

A business card is one of the basic significant professional requirements for advertisement, call to action, contact information, and brand recognition. You might think, what does small printed credit card size business card can do for you? But when done right, small pocket card can leave a lasting impression on your client and create a lifelong loyal customer from passing strangers. 

Your business card is an essential part of your branding that acts as a visual extension of your brand. In this guide, we're going to be telling you how you can design a great business card that can carry a great business success story. 

But before we start, you should have the following things ready- your logo, brand color scheme, annual business message. Business card designing in Bangalore can help you with these essential items. Here are the steps that you should follow to design an unforgettable business card. 

 Start with the shape.

A business card can be a triangular, rectangular and square-shaped business card. You can even think out of the box strategies to make it more interesting. With new printing techniques which are more affordable and advanced, experts have more room to explore different alternative shapes. 

Size is important 

Considering that you have great innovative ideas to decide on the business card's size, it is important that you research the market to know what everyone else is doing rather than go against it. The size of the business card mostly depends on the country's standard, so it's always a good place to start from there. Different countries have different business card standards, and no matter what size you always wanted, go for the size that can easily be kept in your pocket. 

Designing is crucial

The business card designing in Noida, plot the visual elements of your business card design and insert your brand logo. Usually, the logo takes center stage of any business card, and sometimes the graphics can complement it. While many businesses opt for minimalism, but if you feel that the empty space doesn't suit you, fill it with additional graphics. 

Sometimes graphics can do wonders for you, where you can communicate your brand personality through visuals, including colors. 

 Add important words

While your business card will be the representative of your business, it actually says a lot about you. You will have to add your phone number, your name, company name, email address, the website URL, social media handle, address or slogan. A business card necessarily helps your contact retain the information when they need it. 

Select the Right Font

Once you have decided on what you want to say on your business card, the business card designing in Bangalore can help you choose how it will look. Ensure that your text is completely legible as you have only a small space to work with. While working on the typography, make sure that the important elements like your name or information stand out from the rest of the text. 

 Choose a clean and modern, individualistic and elegant script for more in-depth treatment. Also, while deciding on the colors, flip the text that goes well with the background color of your card so that people can easily recognize or attach it to your brand.