How to Endorse your Brand Post COVID-19

How to Endorse your Brand Post COVID-19

Businesses are hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact can be seen in the way brands have lowered their ad spends.

Endorsements, a critical element in branding, have been hit hard by the pandemic. As consumer’s interest is severely impacted, brands were reluctant to invest in endorsements. But, post-COVID-19 pandemic, things might change.

Already, green shoots are visible in the economy due to the gradual easing of restrictions. Amidst the hope, how can you endorse your brand post-COVID-19? Let’s find out.

  • Lower the Cost A research conducted by the Indian Institute of Human Brands (IIHB) reveals that over 60% of marketers are demanding fee cuts from celebrities for endorsements. Celebrity fees occupy a big part of costs in brand endorsement campaigns. As margins of the businesses are impacted due to the pandemic, the demand for a lower fee is only natural. When you begin brand endorsements, you negotiate with the celebrities over fees and make sure that your overall costs are low. Better still, if you partner with a good brand building agency in India, they will take care of all the negotiations and lowering the costs.
  • A Mix of Traditional and New-Age Celebrities Traditionally, for brand endorsements, celebrities from movies and sports are cast. But, new-age celebrities are cropping up in the form of bloggers, vloggers, OTT platform stars, and social media influencers. Endorsements by these new-age celebrities will spread your brand to a far wider audience.
  • Digital Is the Way Digital space has take-over the traditional marketing channel during the lockdown period. As the ad spends on the digital medium are cheaper than on the traditional channels, businesses are finding the space more attractive. Also, the audience engagement in the online space is better than traditional channels. Thus, in the post-COVID world, digital will be the go-to space for brand endorsements.
  • Consumer Endorsements Consumer endorsements are an ingénue way to endorse your brand. It lends authenticity to your endorsement campaigns. People will gain trust in your brand as it is being endorsed by a person who benefitted from your brand. All you need to do is to ask your customers to write testimonials on your brand. You can conduct live video sessions with your customers where they discuss your brand and much more. When you hire a brand building agency in India such as Crystal Hues, the agency will generate more creative ways to make your customers endorse your brand.

Being innovative is the name of the game. Amidst the crisis, brands must create innovative ad campaigns to attract the attention of the audience. The principle must be followed for brand endorsements too. Thus, hiring a brand building agency will be the best decision that you have made in this pandemic situation.