Ideas To Achieve The Best Contemporary Brochure Designs

Ideas To Achieve The Best Contemporary Brochure Designs

Brochure, either printed or Digital, packs a powerful marketing punch. For most businesses, brochures are the first marketing materials that introduce a potential customer to the business. They are the best marketing tools for brand awareness. 

When designed right, brochures are customer-generators. But, designing a brochure that stands out is a challenge. As with many design trends that change with time, brochure design trends change too. And people always weigh contemporary design trends over retrograde ones.

If you are looking for contemporary brochure designs, here are some contemporary design ideas that we have curated for you. Having known for the best brochure designing in Noida, take it from us that the following design ideas will put you on top of your marketing game. 

1. Less Imagery, More Typography
Less imagery and more typography will be the norm in 2021. Many brands are already experimenting with typefaces, creating unique typefaces for their brands. Brochure designers are also incorporating the trend. Bold typefaces attract the audience’s attention. Also, experimenting with multiple typefaces in the brochure has become a trend. The titles, subheadings, and body text each could have a different typeface to attract the audience.

2. Imagine Shapes
A brochure must be either rectangle or a square in shape is a myth now. With designers becoming more creative, they are designing brochures in various shapes and sizes. Now, you can find brochures in circles, triangles, hexagons, and many different forms. It is imperative on your part to choose brochure shape as per your business requirements.

3. Minimalistic Approach
Across design formats, minimalism is the newest trend. Be it web design, product design, or ad design, minimalism for brand messaging has been effective. And minimalism in brochure designing is not an exception. With minimalism, the aim is to create a simple design involving fewer elements.

4. Illustrations for Messaging
Images in brochures always attract the viewer’s attention. Instead, try illustrations for a change. They make a brochure more interactive and helps convey the brand message effectively. You can surprise the client with illustrations.
5. 3D Graphics 
In 2021, designers will surely experiment with 3D graphics. They make the brochure elements stand out as if popping out of the brochure. This is a futuristic trend, which you must try for sure.

6. Line Art Design
Line art is the use of bold lines against a background to highlight the brochure elements. The design trend was particularly popular with app and icon designers. Now the brochure designers have caught up with the design trend, and it will continue for a while. Line art creates a visual contrast while making geometrical patterns. It makes the brochure appear satisfying. 

Need Help?
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