Important Benefits of Localization Services

Important Benefits of Localization Services

Important Benefits of Localization Services

Localization services can bring your business to a lot of people around the world. Let us discuss how you can turn out to be a global brand, along with a local feel, with the help of significant localization services.

What is localization service?

Localization services or localization is the procedure of adopting the complete meaning of a given piece of content for a new area or region, including translation, cultural elements, and things related to the imagery that can greatly influence how your content is perceived.

Content that is completely localized can resonate with users, as it can incorporate important and relevant cultural nuance to feel familiar, rather than simply replacing English words with translated words.

How can localization services help you?

Localization is a step that is above translation. It is something more than just changing your words into another popular or important language. The procedure of localization can change the appearance as well as the feel of your content or product that can suit the target markets in a perfect way.

However, you may wonder why 92% multinational organizations invest in localization services. Let us discuss several key points that you may consider.

·         Around 74 million North American people speak a foreign language at home.

·         56% of customers think that product information is actually much more crucial than the product’s price.

·         88% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase in their first language.

·         128% increase in iPhone app downloads is done through this localization procedure.

·         50% of countries in the list of top ten for app downloads don’t speak or interact in the English language.

Now, let us discuss this elaborately.

What are the differences between translation services and localization services?

As mentioned earlier, localization is the procedure of adapting all your company’s parts to the cultural and linguistic standards of a specific region or country. This is applicable for software, website content, marketing, mobile apps, branding, etc., meaning all information and elements regarding the services and products that you are providing.

Moreover, it is not just the text that falls within the “to-do” list of localization services. You should also consider some other vital aspects to meet the expected cultural standards in each locale:

·         Videos

·         Images

·         Icons

·         Infographics

·         Date and time formatting

·         Call-to-action buttons

·         Address formats

·         Units of measurement

·         Currency values

The complete design needs to be considered carefully as well. For example, there are some languages that read right-to-left. Moreover, by translating a certain content from the English language to another language, you can almost guarantee that it will occupy a different amount of space. You may think about anything that can be heard or seen and even assess whether it can be accepted for each target audience that is specified.

What are the reasons for choosing Localization services?

Now, you may be wondering whether it is really worth the trouble to choose localization services. The answer to this question is yes. Any business that wants to expand its operation in any other country or countries should think about opting for the procedure of localization.

If you are a software and app development company, for instance, 90% of Google Play downloads and 70% of iOS downloads come from non-native English-speaking markets.

Moreover, 52% of the Internet users in the world are in Asia. The continent has more than 2.5 billion internet users compared to the 330 million internet users of North America. So, let us discuss a few significant benefits that you can enjoy by choosing localization services.

1.    Adapt

You can customize your product or content information and even offer each market’s unique technical, linguistic, and even cultural requirements.

2.    Scale

Your organization can become a multinational company just by bringing your services and products to a global audience.

3.    Engage

You can resonate with a vast audience and create strong brand loyalty by offering your product a truly locally made feel.

Why do E-commerce companies need localization services?

E-commerce companies have a unique challenge. They have hundreds of new products that are going live on their websites everyday. So, any delay in communication leads to a significant delay in online sales.

E-commerce companies also sell different types of content. Not only do they need to provide product descriptions but also marketing content, product images, payment information, and various other important site elements that need proper localization. Thus, they need two separate procedures, one for the product itself and the other for the additional content.

So, you need to trust a reliable and professional company, like Crystal Hues, that can offer you praiseworthy localization services.

Why Crystal Hues?

This fantastic company can offer you flawless localization services that match all your project needs with ease. Thus, you can tailor your workflow and control all your content and product localization in one place.

Therefore, localization services are very important for the desired success of your company, and for this, you should trust a capable company like Crystal Hues.