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Keys to Revamp your Website


Is your web traffic not improving? Are you finding it difficult to generate online sales? Or are you planning to revamp your website for providing a better customer experience?

Whatever is the case, if you are planning to redesign your website, then you need to know about these redesigning keys.

  • Determine The Goals Any good plan for redesigning a website must start with clarity on the goals of the website. Is it to increase the sales or boost traffic or provide value to your customers through informative content? By determining the end goals of the website in advance, you will not deviate while designing the site as it is easy to get carried away and add unwanted features to the site. So, determine the website goals before you begin the website revamping process.
  • Understand Your Visitors When designing a website, remember that every element of the site has a specific purpose. The eventual utility of these elements is to attract visitors. So, before you begin the revamp process, think about your visitors. Understand things like the age of your visitors, their location, the type of content they like, etc., and categorize them. Also, understand what type of design that your visitors like. Do they like a simple design, or a flashy design. Based on these metrics, you should redesign the site.
  • Think About Content Most of the time, website owners get stuck on content. They are unable to generate content ideas that will attract traffic. Here, you can take the help of a website development company which is specialised in providing unique content. While you can create content on your own, remember to generate sales-oriented content.
  • Make The Site Social Media Friendly While designing the site, make sure that there are elements in the site that makes it social media-friendly. For example, enable social media sharing buttons on your product catalogs, images, or content. The more people share your content on social media, the better will be the traffic to your site. Eventually, your sales will get a boost.
  • SEO and Mobile-Friendly Design In this day and age, a website must have a mobile-friendly design. With over 51% of internet users browse from a mobile phone, making your website mobile-friendly is a logical step. Also, make sure that your design elements are in line with the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rules of various search engines.
  • Focus on Call-to-Action Elements How do you create a leads list from your visitors? While redefining the site, you need to think about this too. The best way is to place call-to-action buttons wherever possible. For example, place a ‘subscribe to newsletter’ button or ‘sign-up’ button for premium content, etc.
  • Improve User Experience Redesigning your site is, in essence, providing a better user experience to your visitors. Many design trends provide a unique experience to your users. The website development company you hire will take care of this.

If you are finding difficulty in creating a website revamping strategy or lack resources to redesign the site, do not worry. Crystal Hues Ltd, a popular website development company, will help you. Reach out to and know more about the web development services of the agency.

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