Know the actual worth of Video Translation

Know the actual worth of Video Translation

If you are one of the B2B marketers who create video content then it is usual that many audiences are watching your videos. However, if more customers around the world are watching your video content, then you need to opt for video translation. Without the video translation, if some non-English speakers see your videos, they will click away from them after one or two minutes, after realizing that they are not able to understand the content. So, you need to translate your video contents and localize them to have a large number of customers. For this, you will need the help of the translation company in Delhi.

So, you need to know the actual worth of video translation and how it can make your video content relevant globally.

What is video translation?

Video translation mainly focuses on the tasks of creating subtitles, dubbing audios or translating voiceovers for specific content. It also includes translating an on-screen text that is present within the video. The main goal of video translation is to create the same video content understandable in multiple languages.

Knowing the actual worth of video translation

It is evident that, nowadays, people are no longer interested in consuming picture and text content. Thus, the internet platforms are now moving towards the new type of content known as video content. Now let us discuss why video translation is an important part of your content and marketing strategy and why you need the help of the translation company in Delhi.

Why video translation is important for your contents

By translating the videos, you can easily boost your reach, improve the ROI, increase engagement of your content.

1.     Improving the ROI

We all know that creating a high-quality video is an expensive investment. While choosing several marketing activities for your brand, you have to think about the budget. Though sometimes the process can be expensive, videos can add good value, as they can be used across multiple channels.

You can easily share your videos on social media, YouTube, your website, and email. The videos can have a dedicated blog or landing page on your website, including a complete transcription of the video. This not only helps you by boosting the SEO rankings of your content, but it can also lead a good number of customers to your website, hence boosting your sales.

This can be truer if you wish to reach the EMEA markets and the markets of Latin America. These two regions usually have the largest number of video consumers in the world. By translating videos for the customers of these two regions, you won’t only be able to boost your engagement, views, and reach, but you will also be using the videos to boost your sales.

2.     Boosting engagement

In most cases, adding subtitles to any video can easily increase the viewing time of the video by an average of near about 40%. As per some research, videos with subtitles are watched near about 91%, whereas the videos without subtitles are watched near about 66%. In addition to this, the average number of the audiences also increases in the case of those videos that have subtitles.

Hence, the subtitles not only help you to reach an increased number of audiences but also help you by improving the viewing times and engagement.

3.     Boosting the organic reach

Organic reach is one of the best methods for the audiences to successfully discover and reach your content. Actually, more than fifty percent of the website traffic is generated from organic searches. So, to become successful with SEO, you should think about making video contents an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Translation can increase the potential reach of the video content. By using subtitles of different languages, you can enable the search engines to crawl the things that you have said in the video. This will eventually increase the chances of becoming visible in search results in different languages.

Using captions and transcripts to the videos is a really powerful strategy for increasing the views and improving search rankings and engagement. By using an extra layer of video translation for the global target markets of your business, you are increasing the keyword diversity to assist the content rank for multiple relevant terms.

You cannot use translations for your video contents as an after-thought. The transcriptions of your videos need to be a crucial part of your brand strategy from the initial stage, as you create the video pages and scripts and post those on your website.

Also, you have to ensure that the on-page SEO elements can match the phrasing of the videos, so the keywords can become consistent. By opting for video translations, working with a professional organization can help you to successfully capture the nuances of the local language, hence helping you by improving the SEO for voice search. The professionals of a reputed company like the translation company in Delhi can help you in crafting your video strategy to make your content able to go the distance.

What are the main aspects of video translation?

Video translation is a process through which your video content is transcribed and translated into another language. With this, you can easily make your video content accessible for various international customers, eventually boosting the views and engagement of your video contents. Thus, it is better to ask for the help of the professionals of the translation company in Delhi. The main aspects of the video translation process are:

·         Creating the subtitles

·         Transcribing the video content

·         Translating the voiceovers

·         Dubbing the audio

·         Translating the on-screen text

What are the aspects of video translation that need your consideration?

There are mainly three important aspects of video translation that need your consideration. Those are:

·         Purpose: This is the important aspect that will help you to decide on the tools that you should implement in your strategy regarding video translation.

·         Budget: It is a crucial aspect that will help you to plan a successful video translation strategy.

·         Audience: Lastly, you should think about your target market and audience and what they may expect from your brand while implementing your video translation strategy.

Therefore, by knowing the actual worth of video translation, you will be able to know the successful ways to implement it and become successful. For best assistance, you can get help from the translation company in Delhi.