Need for Transcription Services in India

Need for Transcription Services in India

Ever found yourself missing a key detail from your last meeting with your client? Or are you unable to understand your doctor’s recording of your health condition? Whatever is the case, when there is an audio recording that you need in a written format, then there is the need for transcription.

India is an emerging economy. Businesses and organizations across the country are catching up with their western counterparts in utilizing transcription services. As such, the demand for transcription services in India is on the rise.

Areas Where Transcription Is Useful Business Transcription

In the business world, maintaining transparency when dealing with clients, suppliers, or other stakeholders will help in avoiding lawsuits or maintaining clarity in your dealings. While having the meetings recorded is the first step in maintaining transparency. By transcribing the recordings into a written text, things will be more clear.

Legal Transcription

Imagine you are a party in an arbitration proceeding. To avoid any miscommunication or misrepresentation of facts, you happen to record the proceedings. As is the nature of such proceedings, there will be too many voices or noises in the recording, identifying who said what becomes difficult. But, with the help of a transcription expert, you can filter out the noise and get the necessary details in a text format.

Medical Transcription

The medical field is one other area where there is a need for transcription services in India. Medical practitioners tend to dictate a patient’s case details, which are then recorded as an audio file. Through medical transcription, these files are transformed into a written format. Even if the doctor of the patient is changed, his/her case details are easily accessible. Hospitals, both big and small, can use transcription services.


In this age of open learning, from Universities to businesses, everyone is offering online learning through various platforms. India, too, is witnessing a huge demand for online learning. To make the learning process better, you can provide a transcribed text along with your e-learning video or audio course. This will help understand the content clearly.

Some Things To Remember

The above mentioned are limited aspects where transcription services are useful. There are many areas where you can use the services for bettering your business processes or for having clarity.

Before you hire an agency for transcription, you need some things to remember.

  • The agency you are planning to hire must be able to provide transcriptions in any language.
  • It must have the ability to work on different audio file formats.
  • Assess their turnaround time
  • Learn about their ability to work within your budget

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