All You Need To Know About Translation Of Vaccination Certificate

All You Need To Know About Translation Of Vaccination Certificate

The pandemic of COVID-19 had hit the world really hard. Numerous institutions and governments of different countries have employed several safety precautions to stop or curb the spread of that extremely contagious virus. One of those crucial safety protocols was having negative test results for COVID-19 while entering the country. Nowadays, it is a requirement that you offer a negative result of your PCR test at the airport before entering the country. This practice makes all procedures related to the tests and results of COVID-19 a top priority for any person who is travelling.

In several countries, a negative result of the PCR test is a requirement to move back to your original home from another country. This is applicable for all employment, academic and administrative processes or other processes of social nature. In these countries, having a medical certificate that is officially approved and shows a negative result of the PCR test or showing that the specific person is free from the infections of COVID-19 is not an option.

Recently, to carry out any kind of administrative procedures or travel, you need to show a certified negative result of a PCR test or EU digital COVID certificate. However, you need to know what may happen if you go through the test in the national language of your country but you are going to another country? How will the person certify those test results? How will you prove that your PCR test results are negative to that specific person who you will show your certificate? If you wish to get the answers to all these questions, then you will definitely need the help and service of a reputed and professional translation agency in India.

Why do you need to translate your PCR test results into the English language for travel?
The public health system offers those PCR tests, but you can also get tested privately in any of those approved medical laboratories. With the help of those public health systems, the test results can be ready within just 24 hours. With those privately performed tests, the entire process becomes much faster, and the test results along with the COVID-19 medical certificate become available on the same day.

The public health system usually takes near about 48 hours to offer the results of those PCR tests, especially in the cases of a PCR test that is negative.

If your test results of PCR test or not in the English language, you will need the help of a PCR test result translation service, just like a good translation agency in Bangalore. The first thing that is required at the airport after landing is not your passport but the negative result of your PCR test. However, what will happen if your test result is not in the English language? How will you be able to get the help of a certified translate to translator the results of your PCR test? So, let us find out the answers to these questions.
There are a few laboratories that provide the test certificates of COVID-19 in the English language, while others don’t. It is crucial that you get your test results PCR test in the English language for travelling purposes. If you get your tests done at a private laboratory, you need to make sure to request that you get a certificate in the English language; this will make your test results ready for international travel purposes.

In this case, there will be no need for additional translation services, and you can easily show the results of your PCR test to the foreign authorities after you land at the airport. Now, what will happen if you get your PCR test done by the public health system? The answer will be that you will need the assistance of a reputed translation service like the translation agency in Bangalore to translate your test results for international travel.

Not all of those translation services can provide you with certified test result translations of your PCR test. In maximum cases, there is a requirement for a sworn translation of the negative test in English or any other language. 

For instance, if the translation is done in Spain, then it must be made official with the sign and stamp of a translator appointed and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. This means when you are searching for a reputed translation service provider for translating the negative results of your PCR tests, you will need a translator who is appointed and approved by the authorities to avoid the rejection of your test results. Thus, you will need the service of an approved translation agency in Bangalore.

What happens if you have already been vaccinated?

Recently, a lot of people around the world have already been vaccinated. Some have also taken the booster jab for better protection. After vaccination, one can get a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination to be granted access to the country. Now what will happen if you are an international traveller? You will have to make sure that vaccination certificate is enough in your destination country. Some countries may approve the vaccination certificate, whereas some may also need a negative result of your PCR test.

Can a sworn translation of your negative PCR test result be requested?

It is possible to request a sworn translation of your PCR test result on time before you start your international travel. The result of the test can be translated and signed within time and then sent back to you if required. You just have to send a scanned test certificate of your PCR test and tell the time when you will need it. There are many professional translation service providers like the translation agency in India that can translate your certificate and send it to you within the requested date. The process is done with the proper swiftness and accuracy to avoid any future issues.

Therefore, you can easily get the flawless translation of your vaccination certificate and PCR test results as soon as possible with the help of the translator service providers like the translation agency in Bangalore.