Target Niche Market With Mobile Marketing

Target Niche Market With Mobile Marketing

Are you selling specific goods for specific people or businesses? Then, target your niche market using mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is the newest trend in marketing, which businesses cannot ignore. It is even more so in India. 
Estimates show that 90% of India will be using mobile phones by 2022. Smartphone users will account for 60% of the population by 2025. Thus, the potential for businesses to target their niche using mobile marketing is huge in the country. Also, it is the most effective strategy.
As such, mobile marketing service providers are on the rise in the country. Companies are also pursuing mobile marketing strategies vigorously.

While some are deploying it as part of their overall marketing strategy, some are solely using it to target their niche.

For example, the State Bank of India’s (SBI) YONO app is a mobile strategy to increase the bank’s reach and enhance the customer experience. Similarly, most food delivery aggregator businesses are solely dependent on mobile strategy.

Whatever may be the type of your business, having a mobile marketing strategy is a must.

Here are some points to consider while targeting your niche market using mobile marketing.

1.Choosing the Right Environment

While deploying a mobile marketing strategy, the hardest decision you need to make is about choosing the right mobile environment.

For some businesses, a mobile app will help achieve their goals. For some, a website that is responsive to mobile devices is enough. For others, both environments are necessary to achieve their goals.

No matter the environment you choose, it must be easy to adopt. The content should be easy to comprehend, and user navigation simple for a better outcome.

2. SMS Marketing

Though there is a significant growth in the usage of smartphones in the country, the significant growth in mobile phone adoption in the country is due to feature phones. This is largely driven by the demand in rural India.

Imagine you are an Agri start-up selling farm input services. Through SMS marketing, you can reach your target audience, which is the farmer, and provide the necessary information.

Thus, to tackle such scenarios, making SMS marketing a part of your mobile marketing is unavoidable.

3. Mobile Video Advertisement
In 2020, an average Indian smartphone user spent 52 mins watching videos. It is set to grow to 84 mins in 2020. Video marketing is thus an important aspect that you should consider in your mobile marketing.

Creating informative and entertaining videos for your niche audience will thus go a long way in promoting your brand, increasing your sales, etc.

Stop Thinking

Stop wasting time thinking about whether you need mobile marketing or not.  It is necessary to beat the competition and we are happy to help in this endeavor.

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