The Logo Speaks For Your Brand

The Logo Speaks For Your Brand

Remember the movie Lord of the Rings? In that, a symbol - a white handprint - on the armour of enemy soldiers reveals whose army it is to the protagonists. Similarly, signage at the entrance of shops and pubs in medieval Europe represented what they did. Closer home, some archaeologists believe that the Harappan seals were some form of logos for people of various trades.

Humans have used signs and symbols to identify and distinguish themselves since time immemorial. Enter the capitalist world; the signs and symbols have transformed into brand logos to distinguish one brand from the others.

In the 21st century, logos are not just symbols to differentiate, but they speak more about a brand.

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  • Logo for First Impression A strong logo design catches the attention of the audience. It is a powerful way to get the first impressions on your brand. Though a logo is a combination of typography, colours and layout, the effective design can generate the first impression. Next time when the consumer comes back to buy your product, they will recognise it instantly by seeing the logo.
  • Logo for Brand Message A brand is an emotion that a consumer feels through numerous interactions. The brand logo is one such interaction that visually conveys to the viewer the brand message.
  • Take, for example, the Apple logo. Since its inception as a rainbow-coloured apple, Apple’s logo has evolved to become a flat-coloured logo. The mono-colour shows the minimalistic design of Apple products. And the curved apple is a symbol of style, which again are displayed by Apple products.

    Thus, a logo, when designed correctly, will be a powerful tool to convey the brand message.

  • Logo for Times to Come You will spend time, money, and energy on designing a logo so that in years to come, it will become the bandwagon for your brand. More than the company name, as your company gains authority, people will recognise your brand from the logo.
  • Leave it to Professionals We highly recommend hiring logo designing services for your logo design. A professional has the right tools, expertise and experience to deliver great design. More than that, how much time, energy and resources can you expend on creating a logo. As the logo will be a precious component for your business, any mismatch in your design and customer expectations will lead to a backlash. It happened with Instagram, which brought a new logo as part of its rebranding program, but failed to garner users’ appreciation.
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