Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Translation Agency

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Translation Agency

The growing demand for translation services in the country has led to the emergence of many translation agencies. Each agency varies widely in the languages they can translate, subject matter expertise, range of services, etc. Thus, it would be wise to know about some things before you choose a translation agency for your project.

Here are 5 things you should keep in mind while choosing a translation agency in India.

  • An Agency That Relies on Human Power
  • Due to the rising demand for translation services, many startups popped up offering technological solutions for translation. While technology is useful in translation, relying on it entirely is surely disastrous. Translating is a human process. A professional translator with subject matter expertise will provide you with far better results than any technological tool. Therefore, it is imperative to always choose an agency that is dependent on human power for translation than technology.

  • Accredited & Certified
  • An accredited and certified agency will deliver quality results. It professionally manages the project and adheres to the standards of accredited agency and certification norms. Also, an accredited agency will be independently audited for quality and professionalism by the accreditation agency. thus, while choosing an agency, check for ISO9001 certification and other quality certifications.

  • Offers Localization Services
  • In this age of digital content consumption, online translation projects require localization. Also, consumers are expecting personalization in the content you provide. Localization provides personalization through the use of culturally appropriate terms, symbols, semantics, etc., in the text. Thus, while choosing an agency for your online content translation projects, always choose an agency that offers localization services.

  • Experience in Your Industry Specialisation
  • While choosing an agency, check whether the agency has experience in your industry specialization. The industry activities, terminology, and other aspects will be specific to your industry. When you hire an agency with work experience in your industry, your project will finish smoothly. You can check the experience with client references or can review the agency’s case studies.

  • Turnaround Time and Quality Assurance
  • In this fast-paced world, time wasted means an opportunity lost. It is true with translation projects. When the agency you hire is prompt at delivering results within the stipulated time, then you are at an advantage. A professional agency, that is certified, will also give quality assurance. It follows ISO9001 guidelines on quality. It checks for omissions, mistakes, incorporation of special requests, etc., and notes everything in a workflow management system.


Considering the number of translation agencies in India , choosing a wrong agency will spell doom for your business. Thus, knowing in advance certain things about a professional translation agency will help you choose the right translation partner.