Tools of Digital Marketing that you will find to be Indispensable in 2022

Tools of Digital Marketing that you will find to be Indispensable in 2022

This is a digital age. People are glued to the internet like never before. An average internet user spends around 144 minutes on social media platforms daily. Young adults aged between 16-29 years spend almost 3 hours on social networking sites daily. Digital marketing manages to boost the brand of their client on these platforms, thus maximizing reach. Hence, it is essential for any company, be it a small-scale business or a huge conglomerate, to have a social media presence. Digital marketing has become indispensable to modern businesses.

Most companies hire the services of digital marketing agencies for this purpose. These companies formulate marketing strategies and suggest avenues that may be taken to boost sales. However, digital marketing strategies are useless without the proper marketing tools. Here we shall discuss a few tools that are used by agencies providing digital marketing services in Delhi. These tools shall prove to be indispensable to most companies this year.

·         Google Analytics:

This is a powerful and highly efficient tool in the digital marketing world. It offers insights into how the marketing campaign is performing, aspects that may be improved as well as engagement patterns of the users. Google Analytics also provides predictive analysis. It shows how well the marketing campaigns adopted by your client are expected to perform in the near future. It also provides detailed analysis about the age and demographics of the customer, volume of traffic, rate of engagement, and many other relevant parameters. If utilized up to its full potential, this tool can work wonders for any company.

·         HubSpot:

This tool is used for Comprehensive Relationship Management. Any business should be suited to the needs of the consumer. Otherwise it tends to perish in the long run. Using HubSpot, businesses can build and nurture long-lasting customer relationships that shall help them eventually. Using this tool, one can obtain leads and engage with customers on a daily basis. HubSpot helps businesses to achieve their long-term business goals by encouraging good relationships with the customers.

·         Buffer:

Buffer is an extremely handy tool that is used for social media management. It has been widely used by digital marketers for years and continues to be relevant to this day. Using this tool, you can plan and schedule your posts on social media platforms. This tool also allows the user to manage multiple social media accounts from a unified page. Buffer is equipped with a simple UX that can easily be used by first-timers.

Analysis options are also available within this highly efficient tool. Digital marketers can use these analysis reports to make informed decisions and modify their marketing strategy if needed. You can also plan content to be uploaded based on the analysis results.

Buffer also offers the option of setting access levels for social media accounts. You can add several individuals from your team to this tool and give them different levels of access authorizations. This ensures ease of use while ensuring that a newbie at your company does not get to tamper with the social media page of your client.

·         SEMRush:

This tool is chiefly used for efficiently implementing an SEO strategy. It helps digital marketers to conduct a proper keyword search. These keywords are essential to creating SEO-oriented content. It also provides the option of SEO tracking, and it can also find potential back links. With this tool, you can create a detailed audit of the SEO campaign that your company has adopted. SEMRush comes in both free as well as paid versions.

The latest update provided by the creators includes better advertising, social media management tools, and elaborate analysis.

·         MailChimp:

This tool is intended for use in the field of email marketing. Email marketing is indispensable to any company these days. Emails are often one of the most personalized ways in which a company can reach its clients or prospective customers. This form of marketing focuses on conveying a clear and concise brand message to the consumer. MailChimp can be used for creating and sending professional and well-structured emails in order to gain maximum reach.

·         SentiOne:

A company must keep track of all the talk in its industry. While blogs, articles, newsletters, and other forms of documents can be easily scanned for information, audio snippets are relatively difficult to work with. SentiOne comes to the rescue of digital marketers in this situation.

This Artificial Intelligence based tool can track online conversations that are taking place within a specified industry. Digitals marketers often use this tool to analyze responses to conversations and keep track of them. This tool goes a long way in improving the marketing strategy of a company.

·         Site Kit by Google:

Site Kit claims to provide free tools that help in converting visitors to your website into customers. It is an official WordPress plugin launched by Google. It provides detailed insights into how people tend to find your website and end up using it. Various insights from multiple Google tools can be accessed on a single platform using SiteKit. The most attractive aspect of this tool is that it is absolutely free. The Google tools that are supported by SiteKit include:

o   Analytics: It helps you to track how users tend to navigate your website.

o   AdSense: You can keep track of your earnings from your site through this tool.

o   Search Console: It provides insights on how Google Search finds and displays your page. It shows data about how many people saw the website of your company and what query was used for their search.

o   Tag Manager: Tag Manager enables you to manage your tags efficiently. This does away with the need for cumbersome code editing.

o   PageSpeed Insights: This tool enables you to understand how your webpage has performed as compared to similar sites. It also provides relevant tips to improve performance.

o   Optimize: Site Kit can be used to set up this tool without the need for coding. This tool is mainly used to set up A/B tests.

Apart from these, there are a number of effective tools available in the market. However, it can be safely said that the above-mentioned tools are the most popular ones and are widely used by digital marketing services in Delhi. If you are new to the field of digital marketing, then these are the tools that you should ideally start with.