Get the Best Transcription and Translation Services from Crystal Hues

Get the Best Transcription and Translation Services from Crystal Hues

Imagine you are trying to market an audio-visual. Say, you made the content in English. For those who are well-versed in English, they connect to your content immediately. But, these people represent a tiny market.

In India, where English is not the first language, many can read but cannot understand English speaking. Without transcribing the content, you are losing out on the larger market.

You can also increase the reach of your audio-visual by translating it into many languages. After all, India is a multilingual country.

Here lies the importance of transcription and translation services of Crystal Hues.

Our Transcription Services

Not only for marketing purposes, be it for archiving internal communications, staff training materials, legal discussions, patient statements, international meetings, or whatever the purpose, we offer the best transcription services in India.

With our experienced transcription professionals, we undertake

•  Legal transcription - lawyer meets, case proceedings, hearings, depositions, etc
•  Medical transcription - patient statements, doctor dictations, medical reports, etc
•  Business transcription - internal discussions, meetings, sales meeting, International  events, etc
•  Marketing transcription - audio-visuals, podcasts, webinars, etc
•  Education Transcription - educational videos, seminars, lectures, etc
•  Science & Technology - science meets, international events, test logs, etc

Transcription is necessary for businesses across industries. It will help you avoid legal tussles, increase your brand reach, and adds to your SEO strategy. You can also analyze your marketing calls and bring value to your customers.

Also, if you are planning to go International, you need our transcription services to penetrate quickly into an unknown market.

Our team of transcription professionals can transcribe in multiple global and local languages. They have excellent domain knowledge and impeccable listening skills. With our services, your message will not get lost.

Our Translation Services

Every business is looking to reach a wider audience and expand their market. In India, expansion means facing a language barrier. The same is true if you are planning to go global.

This is where we come in. We break the language barrier with our translation services.

We are one of the top-most translation agency in India. With our services, we get your marketing messages across in any language.  

Be it legal documents, communication materials, videos, or any other material, we translate anything.

Our experienced translators can translate into all the major languages of India and over 70 global languages.

What you get is not plain translation. We offer impeccable services. Each word we place makes the translation accurate. The text is according to local culture and relevant to the subject.  

With our services, we make sure that you do not lose out to your competitors on language.

Have you already made your mind? Then what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, make a call, and get a quote on your transcription and translation needs.