Transcription Services and Why Your Business Need Them?

Transcription Services and Why Your Business Need Them?

Transcription is turning an audio or video file into a text-based file. It is not a new service, but is gaining prom Transcription is turning an audio or video file into a text-based file. It is not a new service but is gaining prominence in recent years.

The fast-paced business world and the thriftiness nature of start-ups are reasons behind the demand for transcription services.

There used to be a time when secretaries would be seated in a meeting room with the main speakers. The secretaries would take notes of each word spoken in the meeting. But many times, it becomes a challenge to keep up with the pace of the meeting.  The secretary could skip the essential bits of information while taking notes. And when the time for review of the meeting's minutes arises, the notes would be of no use.

Now, audio and video recordings have become ubiquitous. Minutes of important business meetings, conferences, investor meets, etc., are being recorded. Sending these audio or video files for transcription will help the business maintain a written copy of important information.

Not just meetings, transcription services will come in handy during staff training and court cases. Also, if you want to translate the content of a video, you need the written script of the video. And transcription is required here.

Many industries use transcription services. For example, in the health industry, medical transcription is in vogue for decades. Media is another industry that uses transcription a lot. Journalists record interviews and meetings and use transcription services to get accurate information from the recordings. Academic researchers use transcription services for research accuracy. These and many more industries use transcription services.

Now, how would your business benefit from transcription services? 

1.          Video Marketing

The current online trend is video marketing. By putting up an entertaining and informative video, you are subtly marketing your brand. Video marketing has been a rage for a few years now. And statistics show that online users are loving videos that have transcripts. When they miss out on the audio, they make it up by reading the transcription you provided.

2.          Podcast Transcription

Podcasts are a way to show that you are a thought leader in your business niche. When done correctly, podcasts generate loyalty towards your business. And transcription service is a great way to build that loyalty. By providing the transcription of your podcast, you are helping the audience comprehend the podcast easily. 

3.          For SEO

Search engines love text. Even if you provide audio and video content, the textual content matters for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Thus, having a transcription for your audio or video content boosts your SEO.

4.          Simplifies Market Research

Imagine the hassle one has to go through while conducting market research interviews, group discussions, and the like. The person has to take notes and sort them later to extract valuable information. But, if the interviews are audio or video recorded, they can be sent to transcription services in Delhi to extract the details. Transcription services thus ease the work of your market researcher. 

Bottom Line

No business can look away from transcription services if they are looking for long-term growth. For accurate transcription, you need to hire professionals. 

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