What are desktop publishing services, and how do they relate to translation?

What are desktop publishing services, and how do they relate to translation?

Many of our clients have requirements to translate a document from one language to another. For example, many clients want to translate a leaflet, brochure or other glossy publication into the language of their audience. The translation company in Chennai helps them in translating various type of publications in a visually appealing manner. 

When it comes to supporting foreign languages or the translated copy, our clients often find it challenging to include translated labels or a graph into stylish documents. 

This is the reason why a translation agency in Chennai supports desktop publication services. The desktops publishing services work as part of a translation job and even provide stand-alone services.

What are desktop publishing services?

If you are a little bit confused about desktop publishing services, then we can tell you that it refers to using the design of publishing software to create page layouts. These services can be used for various publications from newspapers, magazines and books to leaflets and brochures. So simply, if you want your publication to look beautiful and appealing, you need to use desktop publishing software.

But what happens when a desktop publishing merges with a translation agency?

Well, it results in creating the master design pieces in a foreign language. 

DTP in Translation

Translating and using page layout skill in a foreign language is a challenging job. This is because introducing another language can result in various issues. For example, different languages use a different number of words to convey the same message.

For DTP, it can create design headaches and the frustration of having to risk space every document to fit the amount of target language to each page.

That is why the translation company in Chennai take care of your desktop publishing requirements. The agency has a design team dealing with issues just such as this. 

Sometimes you may also incur the problem of using foreign scripts. But you shouldn't worry because the translation agency in Chennai can handle any scripts or languages. The team has both the software and the expertise to handle all such issues.

Also, our clients face the difficult task of applying translated labels to graph and images. For example, in the original publication, you may have used a picture of a person displaying a sign. And now you want to produce the same picture in the different translated document. How can you use that same image to display another language? Sometimes, you may have to change the integral data labels into another tongue.

At both, the task may seem very challenging and daunting, but for professional desktop publishing services, it is a simple and easy process. They can produce superb results that are worthy of any publication.

Whether you need a translated document on a desktop publishing service or a single language, all for a translation project, the translation company in Chennai is always at your service. So, tell us about your requirements we will contact you as soon as we can.